Is Taiyang Shen real?

“Countless […] The Tiayang Shen was a secret Chinese probe that was originally supposed to orbit Venus and Mercury. It was the most technologically advanced probe they’d ever made.

What does the Chinese decide to do with their rocket the Taiyang Shen?

Two Chinese administrators, Guo Ming and Zhu Tao, discuss the possibility of offering the Taiyang Shen, a readymade booster rocket, to NASA. They would do this both to aid in the rescue of Mark Watney, and to create an arrangement with NASA, wherein the future Ares 5 mission could carry a Chinese astronaut into space.

What happens in chapter 17 of the Martian?

Watney is moved to learn that the Hermes crew has turned around to rescue him, and he turns his attention to preparing for the rescue. He needs to make the 50-day trip to the Ares 4 MAV at Schiaparelli, then spend 45 days modifying the MAV. Watney now has a reasonable hope of rescue, and a lot of work to do.

What are the 2 mobile pressure vessels the Martian?

What are the two mobile pressure vessels? The mobile pressure vessels are the rover and the trailer. The two vessels aren’t completely independent; they’re connected by a hose.

Why does NASA exclude China?

Due to alleged security concerns, all researchers from the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) are prohibited from working bilaterally with Chinese citizens affiliated with a Chinese state enterprise or entity.

What difficult favor is Watney asking of Martinez?

Dr. Shields has asked Watney to send personal messages to each crewmember in order to stay connected to humanity. Watney scoffs, but asks Martinez to visit his parents in Chicago and talk to them about the Mars mission if he dies.

What did the Taiyang Shen deliver to the Hermes?

“The Rich Purnell maneuver is very interesting,” says Burke. The “Rich Purnell Maneuver” uses Taiyang Shen to send Hermes a resupply probe.

What happens in chapter 18 of the Martian?

Watney cleans out the rovers, removing everything he won’t need on the trip, then moves in two of the Hab’s batteries. Watney knows the Hermes resupply probe will be launched in two days, and he hopes that it goes smoothly—he’ll feel to blame if his crewmates die in their attempt to rescue him.

What happens in chapter 19 of the Martian?

Weir cuts to Johanssen’s video call with her father. Johanssen tells her father that even if everything goes wrong, she will make it back to Earth alive. The crew has chosen her to survive because she is youngest and smallest—she needs less food. If the probe fails, the rest of the crew will commit suicide.

How does Matt Damon make water in The Martian?

In “The Martian,” Damon’s character, astronaut Mark Watney, produces water by burning leftover rocket fuel and extracts the hydrogen from the resulting chemical reaction. They must water their potatoes and keep track of how much water they administer and how often.

What are the next two problems Watney faces?

The first major problem Watney faces is getting stranded and wounded on Mars. The second problem Watney faces is how he is going to survive on mars till help can come. The final problem he faces is how is he going to get to the Ares, so he can leave Mars.