Is the 2013 Acura ILX reliable?

How Reliable Is the 2013 Acura ILX? The ILX has an exceptional reliability rating of five out of five from J.D. Power. Luxury small cars tend to have higher reliability scores than other vehicles on the market, but the ILX’s rating stands out even in the class.

Why Acura ILX is bad?

The 2020 Acura ILX misses the mark 14 out of 20. The reason for the low ranking specifically cited the “subpar cabin materials and lackluster performance.” While the Acura ILX will certainly get you from A to B, a luxury car should offer far more than that.

Is the 2013 Acura ILX fast?

With a 6.4-second 0-60-mph time, the ILX isn’t going to blow your mind with straight-line speed. Its handling prowess won’t make you OD. But it does have a certain visceral appeal to it, and with a DNA similar to that of its distant Civic Si cousin, it scores pretty high on enthusiast purity.

How many miles will a 2013 Acura ILX last?

But no matter which used Acura ILX you choose, it should be able to last at least 200,000 miles or more. And if you need some visual proof, then Tyson Hugie, an Acura ambassador and mileage master, can attest to his ILX’s longevity as he logged over 200,000 miles on in only five years.

Can Acura ILX use regular gas?

Your Acura ILX, TLX, RLX, MDX, or RDX will run fine on regular gasoline, but using the recommended premium unleaded 91 octane fuel is sure to boost performance, increase longevity, and keep your Acura running as it should – providing you with the peace of mind you’ve been seeking.

Does a 2013 Acura ILX have a timing belt or chain?

The 2013 Acura ILX with the 2.0 L 4Cylinder uses a timing chain instead of a timing belt. It is better to be using a chain because it usually doesn’t need to be replaced unlike the belt.

Is Acura ILX a turbo?

Under the hood of every 2021 Acura ILX is a turbocharged 2.4L aluminum-alloy engine. Generating 201 horsepower and 181 lb-ft of torque, the ILX provides a sufficient amount of strength with every press of the gas pedal.

Is Acura ILX a Civic?

Though they are closely related, you’d never guess it by looking at the 2020 Honda Civic and 2020 Acura ILX. When it comes to standard features, the ILX’s status as a luxury car buries the base Civic, as the ILX includes standard LED headlights, 17-inch alloy wheels, sunroof, remote-operated windows, and much more.

How much is a 2013 Acura?

The 2013 Acura TL has a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) starting right around $37,000 for the base trim, while the SH-AWD trim level starts at about $40,500. Adding the Technology Package to either trim costs about $3,800, and adding the Advance Package means about $2,200 more.

Are Acura ILX reliable?

The Acura ILX Reliability Rating is 4.5 out of 5.0, which ranks it 2nd out of 17 for luxury compact cars. The average annual repair cost is $435 which means it has excellent ownership costs.

Do acuras hold their value?

Many Acura models do not hold their value well, but some do. On average, you can expect a 2017 Acura to keep 75% of its original value. The Acura TLX is one model that retains its value well. According to Edmunds, a TLX depreciates about $18,069 over five years.

Is Acura ILX a reliable car?

What to look for in a 2021 Acura ILX?

The A-Spec -exclusive red-illuminated gauge cluster enhances the sleek, sporty feel of the 2021 ILX interior. Shown: ILX with A-Spec ® and Technology Packages and Ebony Interior. In the 2021 ILX, the combination of the paddle shifters and 8-speed DCT delivers lightning-quick gear shifts for an exciting experience.

What kind of technology does the Acura ILX have?

Shown: ILX with A-Spec ® and Technology Packages and Red Interior. The ILX Technology package puts convenience and ease at your fingertips, with an intuitive touchscreen that’s operable from controls on the leather-wrapped steering wheel. Shown: 2020 model.

What kind of gear shift does the 2021 ILX have?

In the 2021 ILX, the combination of the paddle shifters and 8-speed DCT delivers lightning-quick gear shifts for an exciting experience. Shown: ILX with A-Spec ® and Premium Packages and Ebony Interior. The 2021 ILX interior helps you stay comfortable, with Dual-Zone Automatic Climate Control.

What kind of paint to use on apex ILX?

Shown: ILX with A-Spec ® and Technology Packages in Platinum White Pearl. A-Spec ® makes a grand entrance with Apex Blue Pearl premium paint and subtle gloss black accents for an aggressive effect. Shown: ILX with A-Spec and Technology Packages in Apex Blue Pearl.