Is the 9pm fireworks Cancelled?

Sydney’s New Year’s Eve family fireworks have been cancelled – despite plans to reopen New South Wales in the coming weeks. This is the second year in a row that the 9pm fireworks have… been cancelled. The midnight fireworks display is set to go ahead.

Are there 9 pm fireworks in Sydney?

Sydney lord mayor Clover Moore has backflipped and agreed to hold the traditional 9pm New Year’s Eve family fireworks after discussions with the NSW government. Mr Ayres described negotiations with Cr Moore that saved the 9pm fireworks as “very constructive”.

What happened to the 9pm fireworks?

The 9pm fireworks show has been cancelled and the midnight show will be restricted to the Sydney Harbour Bridge only.

What time are the fireworks in Sydney?

Subscribe for news and updates about Sydney New Year’s Eve 2021. The City of Sydney will manage the 9pm and midnight fireworks displays, including barges, pylons and lighting projections.

Will there be NYE fireworks in Sydney this year?

Sydney’s New Year’s Eve family fireworks have been cancelled for the second year in a row despite plans to reopen NSW in the coming weeks. The 9pm fireworks will not go ahead at the end of 2021, with the City Of Sydney citing coronavirus concerns.

Can I buy fireworks in NSW?

It is illegal to buy, possess or discharge fireworks unless you hold a pyrotechnicians or single use licence. We must be notified of all fireworks displays, authorised events can be found using our fireworks display search.

Are the Sydney fireworks still on?

The City of Sydney has cancelled this year’s New Year’s Eve family fireworks display despite the state’s scheduled reopening in the coming weeks, saying the move is necessary to keep the event “resilient” amid the uncertainty of COVID-19.

Where can I see Sydney fireworks?

Five Places to Watch the Sydney Fireworks

  • Circular Quay. Popular with tourists and locals alike, Circular Quay is one of the best places to view Sydney’s New Year’s fireworks.
  • Blues Point Reserve.
  • Sydney Park.
  • Observatory Hill Park.
  • Bradfield Park.
  • Planning on spending New Year’s Eve in Sydney?

When do the fireworks go on in Sydney?

For 2020, the Sydney NYE fireworks will only be held at midnight from the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Unfortunately, the 9 pm fireworks will not go ahead this year.

Where are the fireworks at New Years Eve?

Sydney Harbour – New Year’s Eve Fireworks. There are two dazzling fireworks displays. The first is at 9pm for families with young children and then at the stroke of midnight, fireworks are launched from the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Sydney Opera House and seven barges on the gleaming harbour for a spectacular start to the New Year.

Where to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Sydney?

Sydney New Years Eve There’s no better place to welcome the new year than in Sydney – the New Year’s Eve Capital of the World. Harbour Hoopla – New Year’s Eve at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney Step right up for a night of frivolity and fun at Harbour Hoopla.

Is it free to go to Darling Harbour for fireworks?

Entry into Darling Harbour is free, too. The precinct is alive with a playground of family-friendly activities. Set against the city’s skyline, the evening begins with flame and light shows every hour from 7pm to build the anticipation for the two grand NYE fireworks displays at 9pm and midnight.