Is the Canon XL2 still a good camera?

Canon did a wiz-bang job of product placement. A decade later, the SD-format XL2 is still a well-designed, and now quite affordable, workhorse. Though HD-obsessed film-makers are moving to RED or DSLR cameras, SD is still a useful format for low-def jobs such as low-budget industrial videos and most YouTube stuff.

When did the Canon XL2 come out?

XL2 – Canon Camera Museum. The Canon XL2 succeeds the XL1S, which has garnered high praise in the market since its launch in July 2001.

How many mm is 20x zoom?

At an aspect ratio of 4:3, the Canon 35 millimeter 20x optical zoom lens range is an impressive 51.8 to 1036 millimeters (35 millimeter equivalent).

What is 20x optical zoom?

The 20x refers to the amount of magnification. This zoom magnifies 20 times so if you were taking a picture of something 20 feet away it would appear to be 1 foot away. 100 feet away would appear to be 5 feet away. Optical zoom is the best versus digital zoom.

What is 3CCD video camera?

A three-CCD (3CCD) camera is a camera whose imaging system uses three separate charge-coupled devices (CCDs), each one receiving filtered red, green, or blue color ranges. The system is employed by high quality still cameras, telecine systems, professional video cameras and some prosumer video cameras.

What came after the Canon xl2?

Canon XL-2 It is succeeded by the Canon XL-H1 with a similar 20x lens and similar design, but in black. Interchangeable lenses, one of the most popular lenses is the 3x zoom wide angle lens often used for short films as it has a low price.

How many times zoom is 600mm?

The same thing is happening between 50mm and 600mm. While the long lens is 12 times the focal length of the normal, it provides 144 times the magnification. That’s a big number and, yes, a big number means faraway subjects will be a lot closer.

How big is the lens on a Canon XL2?

The unsurpassed image quality is unobtainable with conventional optical glass. The XL2’s lens is the equivalent of a 42.3mm — 846mm lens on a 35mm still camera, when the XL2 is recording in 16:9 widescreen format.

Can a Canon XL2 video be gamma corrected?

Video shot on the XL2 can be gamma corrected to allow for the final usage of the video — where it will be shown. The display medium can distort the brightness, therefore if the gamma is corrected for the display medium when the video is shot, the display will show the correct brightness level.

What can you do with a Nikon XL2?

Unprecedented image control coordination between two XL2 cameras, remote computer camera control and direct video recording to computer are just a part of the capabilities of the XL2. Never before has so much creative power been put in the hands of the film maker, video artist, and corporate and event videographer.