Is the Deivamagal wiki a public wiki?

This Deivamagal wiki is a free public enclyclopedia. Your edits and contribution to this wiki are most welcome. All copyright and legal ownwership of the show goes to the owner. This wiki is a fun, informative guide for all Deivamagal fans.

Who is the mother of raghina in Deivamagal?

Kumar, Raju, Prakash and Raghina’s mother & Chidambaram’s wife. Prakash’s oldest brother and Gayathiri’s husband. Prakash’s second older brother & Thilaga’s husband.

Who is the wife of Devaraj in Deivamagal?

Devaraj’s wife, Satyapriya’s aunt & one of the antagonists. Devaraj and Saroja’s son, Satyapriya’s cousin & Dharani’s husband/cousin. Satyapriya’s younger sister & Suresh’s wife/cousin. Satyapriya, Dharani and Anjali’s father & Sampoornam’s late husband. Satyapriya, Dharani and Anjali’s mother & Sundaram’s widow.

Who is the evil sister in Deivamagal series?

Evil Gayathiri and her sister Vinothini get what they deserve for their evil deeds as Gayathiri’s husband Kumar punishes them. This one of the few super scenes on the show.

What was the playback ID for Deivamagal Episode 898?

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Who is the source of comedy in Deivamagal?

Moorthy has always been a source of comedy on the show. Raju and Moorthy have had some good comedy scenes together. This is one of their best. Go to these sites for info or for help with your own wiki! Welcome to the Deivamagal Wiki Page !!! Here, you can obtain information on this popular tamil series.

Who are the actors in the soap opera Deivamagal?

Deivamagal (lit. God’s daughter) is an Indian Tamil-language family soap opera starring Vani Bhojan and Krishna. It replaced Thirumathi Selvam and was replaced by Nayagi .

Who are Prakash and Jaihind vilas son in Deivamagal?

Gayathri again troubles Prakash and Jaihind Vilas with help of Nambi but Prakash and Sathya stand against her and manage her evil plans to save his property from her. Kumar then marries Akila, a widow, and has a son, while Gayathri creates many obstacles in their life but Prakash protects the family.

Who is the lead actor in Deiva Thirumagal?

Deiva Thirumagal ( transl. God’s Daughter) is a 2011 Indian Tamil -language drama film written and directed by A. L. Vijay and produced by M. Chinthamani and Ronnie Screwvala that features Vikram in the lead role as a mentally challenged adult with the maturity of a five-year-old boy who is suffering from intellectual…