Is the Mondex smart card a smart card?

Motorola is one of the companies invested in producing smart card technology, but they’re far from the only ones. Motorola also produces biochips, but associating that fact with Mondex is misleading. Mondex is a brand of smart card technology, not a type of biochip.

How is the Mondex chip used in the future?

It describes new technology that can use tiny electronic chips to identify the person who has the chip and that it could be part of a future cashless society in which the chip would be used for financial exchanges instead of money.

How big is the Mondex chip on the forehead?

It is a microchip encased in glass and is very tiny…about the size of the grain of rice. When in the presence of a VeriChip reader, the information on the VeriChip can be retrieved. One of the major purposes of the VeriChip would be to provide hospitals and medical teams any important information about yourself in an emergency.

Where is the best place to place a VeriChip chip?

The eRumor claims that a lot of money was spent to determine that the two best places for placement of the chip on the body are the right hand and the head. All the VeriChip literature states, however, that the chip is to be placed in a fleshy area such as behind the upper arm.

What does Mondex have to do with biochips?

Mondex has nothing to do with implanting chips into people, nor are biochips inserted into heads or hands. This bugaboo about heads and hands is just a silly attempt to tie this Mondex screed to the mention of “foreheads” and “right hand” found in the portion of Revelation 13 quoted above.

Where does the name Mondex RFID chip come from?

(As the RFID FAQ notes, in “battery-less transponders, long read range and small size are mutually exclusive,” and thus the read range of most RFID tracking chips is currently limited to less than three feet.) The name Mondex, of course, is derived from “monde,” the French word for “world.”