Is there a Salad Fingers 10?

Birthday is the tenth episode in the Salad Fingers series.

What happened Salad Fingers 10?

He is seen to have the flesh torn from his body (or possibly rotted away due to the length of time his corpse has been hanging) in Episode 10 and finally ends that episode as a skeleton, his flesh turned into a hat which was given as a gift to Salad Fingers.

Is Salad Fingers A alien?

Salad Fingers is a character from the Salad Fingers series. He is a deformed man who lives in a post-apocalyptic world. He frequently tries to communicate with inanimate objects and has an affinity for rust.

How many episodes are there in Salad Fingers?

Salad Fingers currently has one season, consisting of eleven episodes (with the intention of more). Film Theory made a video about it and in the comments section David Firth commented: “Salad Fingers isn’t over…..” indicating that a new episode was in the works.

Where was Salad Fingers at his birthday party?

Episode 10 Salad Fingers is in a party hat, with boxes of presents (contents unknown) sitting in the corner of his living room. He is presumably in the midst of preparations for Hubert Cumberdale ‘s birthday party. The first dialogue in the episode includes Salad Fingers asking Milford Cubicle to take a bath, as he is “pooey.”

Who is the composer of Salad Fingers 10?

Become a Supporter today and help make this dream a reality! Salad Fingers 10: Birthday. It’s Hubert Cumberdale’s Birthday but Milford Cubicle isn’t feeling so well. All the music in this one was made by me.

Where can I buy salad fingers on YouTube?

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