Is there any exchange offer in Tata Motors?

The benefits offered by Tata Motors on its cars include an exchange bonus of up to Rs 40,000, a cash discount of up to Rs 25,000, a corporate discount of up to Rs 3,000, and up to Rs 3,000 benefits for Covid warriors. Let’s check out all the discounts offered by Tata Motors in the month of September 2021.

What is Tata car exchange bonus?

This includes an exchange bonus of Rs 15,000 and a corporate discount of Rs 5,000. The petrol variants being a popular choice among customers, only attract a corporate discount of Rs 3,000. As for customers interested in the Nexon EV, the XZ Plus variant attracts an exchange bonus of Rs 10,000.

How can I get Tata car discount?

The Nexon petrol is available with a corporate discount of Rs 3,000, while the diesel gets an exchange bonus of Rs 15,000. The sub-compact SUV packs the least savings among all Tata cars….Tata Tiago.

Offer Amount
Cash Discount Rs 20,000
Exchange Bonus Rs 15,000
Corporate Discount
Total Benefits Up to Rs 35,000

Is Tata car prices going to increase in 2021?

Tata Motors has revealed in a press statement that its vehicles will receive a price hike, effective from September 1, 2021. The average increment will be 0.8 percent across the range. The company had earlier in July announced that it would increase the prices, so this move doesn’t come as a surprise.

What is exchange offer on cars?

The good news is that a few car manufacturers, such as Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, Tata Motors, Honda and Ford, have exchange offers that let you dispose of your old car and get a new one. The old car doesn’t necessarily have to be of the same model or from the same company; you can exchange any car for a new one.

How much discount can I get on Tata Tiago?

Tata Harrier gets the maximum discounts of up to Rs 70,000. The Tiago and Tigor pack benefits of up to Rs 38,000 and Rs 43,000, respectively….Tata Tiago.

Discounts Amount
Cash Discount Rs 20,000
Exchange Bonus Rs 15,000
Corporate Discount Rs 3,000
Total Up to Rs 38,000

What is Nexon Dark Edition?

Tata Nexon XZ Plus Dark Edition is the petrol variant in the Nexon lineup and is priced at ₹ 10.40 Lakh.It returns a certified mileage of 17.4 kmpl. This XZ Plus Dark Edition variant comes with an engine putting out 118 bhp @ 5500 rpm and 170 Nm @ 1750 rpm of max power and max torque respectively.

What is the waiting time for Tata Nexon?

Certain variants of the Tata Nexon have a waiting period of up to five months. The compact SUV is priced between Rs 7.29 lakh to Rs 13.24 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi).

Is Tata Nexon price going to increase?

Tata Motors has said that the increase in price will be on an average of 0.8%, depending on the variant and model. Recently, Tata Motors said that the demand for the EV version of the Tata Nexon is as high as the car’s diesel variant. The Tata vehicle is available in all three engine options — diesel, petrol and EV.

Can I exchange car after purchase?

If you’ve purchased a new or used car and you’re having second thoughts about it, in most cases, you won’t be able to return the car. The dealer who sold you the car is usually not legally obligated to take the car back and issue you a refund or exchange after you’ve signed the sales contract.

Can we exchange new car?