Is there piranha in SMOO cave?

Smoo Cave Tours 2) Although perhaps a surprise to many visitors at first, the occurrence of Piranha in Smoo Cave can easily be explained by continental drift as Scotland formerly passed over a location on Earth now known as South America 300 million years ago.

Do you have to pay to get into SMOO cave?

You can go into the cave for free. You only pay if you take the boat trip. Hope this helps. Yes, Smoo Cave is free for the public.

Can you swim in SMOO cave?

Can you swim in Smoo Cave? The short answer is, “No”. When you enter the first chamber of the cave, there is a tunnel-like wooden pathway that leads visitor to a viewing point for the waterfall. This point is fenced off to stop people from accessing the water and taking on the strong currents.

How long is SMOO cave walk?

The approach to the cave is very impressive, with an entrance 50 feet (15 meters) high, 130 feet (40 meters) wide and 200 feet (61 meters) long. You are virtually walking towards a giant mouth….Overview.

Address: Smoo Cave, Durness, Sutherland, IV27 4QB Tel: 01971 511704
Operated by: N/A

Does Scotland have piranhas?

The 19cm-long fish, a close relative of the ‘silver dollar’ piranha species, was discovered by staff from the Ness District Salmon Fisheries Board (NDSFB) after Inverness Angling Club members reported seeing several unusual species in the river. …

Can dogs go in SMOO cave?

Dogs are allowed into the cave (carry your poo bags please) but not on the boat as it an inflatable.

Can you take your dog to SMOO cave?

Do you need to book SMOO caves?

The sea washes right inside this cave (depending on the tide) so you’ll be thankful there’s a wooden bridge to take you onto the path that leads into the main chamber, but to get the most out of a visit you’ll need to book yourself onto one of the tours that takes you much further into the underground network of …

Can you keep piranhas as pets UK?

“Piranhas are not native to England and do not belong in our rivers and lakes,” he said. “It is illegal to release or transfer fish in England without the appropriate permit. It is also illegal to keep non-native species in the wild without a permit.”

Can you do the North Coast 500 with a dog?

Beaches. Most beaches along the North Coast 500 allow dogs, though make sure to research if you have a specific spot in mind. Before you travel, read up on the Highland Dog Friendly Beach Guide to make sure that the sandy spot you have in mind can be enjoyed by your four-legged friend, too.

Can you take dogs on the NC500?

Camping with your dog If you’re looking for a little more luxury, why not opt for a glamping experience, or a camping site with full facilities for you to enjoy? Most campsites along the NC500 allow dogs, although please note that the Shore Caravan Park in Achmelvich does not, due to surrounding croft land.

What sea is at Durness?

Sango Bay ((Sangomore) Durness) The back of the beach varies along its length with steep dunes and machair making up large sections and sheer cliffs of Creag Thairbhe to the east. Sango Sands is the closest beach to Durness and is easily reached making it comparatively popular for these parts.

Where is the Smoo Cave in Scotland located?

2021 Update – Call 01971 511704 in the morning to check if tours of the cave are operating. Smoo Cave is a natural sea cave located ~1 mile to the East of Durness village centre which is in Sutherland in the North West Highlands of Scotland.

Is the Smoo Cave on the North Coast 500?

Smoo Cave is one of the attractions featured in our North Coast 500 itinerary . The cave is accessible all year. The “Cave Tours” run from June, July, August 10am – 5pm / April, May, September 11am – 4pm Entrance to the front chamber of the cave is free, but the “Cave Tours” cost £10 Adult / £5 Child

How big is the Smoo Cave in Durness?

A trip to Smoo Cave has to be included in any stay in Durness. Set into limestone cliffs, Smoo Cave is quite large – 200 feet long, 130 feet wide, and 50 feet high at the entrance. Smoo Cave is a very large sea cave, but the rear part is a karst cave which formed inside limestones of the Durness Group.

Which is better Faraid Head or Smoo Cave?

Faraid Head is a wee bit further west which is highly recommended for its beaches and wildlife, as is Talmine Bay to the east. This content is private or does not exist. Smoo Cave in the far northern Highlands is arguably one of – if not the – most impressive natural wonders in Scotland.