Is there public transport on 24/7 in Melbourne?

Trams and Trains Train and tram services run between 5am and midnight, Monday to Thursday. Melbourne has 24 hour public transport on weekends. Check timetables and your connecting train, tram or bus services. After 7pm travel in the front carriage so you are close to the driver.

What tram do I catch to Royal Melbourne Hospital?

19North Coburg to Flinders Street Station Catch Route 19 trams to University of Melbourne, Queen Victoria Market, Royal Melbourne Hospital, Melbourne Private Hospital, Royal Woman’s Hospital and Melbourne Central.

How do you get to Royal Melbourne Hospital?

How to get to Royal Melbourne Hospital in Parkville by Bus, Train or Tram?

  1. Bus: 401, 402, 505, 546, 605.
  3. Tram: 19, 58, 59.

Are Melbourne trains safe at night?

It’s generally pretty safe, though around that time of night you might get some oddbods. The stations themselves are safe due to the PSO presence.

Can you visit people in hospital Melbourne?

Hospital visitors are only permitted for the following reasons. If you are the parent, guardian or carer of a child who is a patient in hospital. If you are providing interpreter or informal language support to enable the delivery of care by the care team, then you can visit the patient.

What train line is Royal Park on?

Upfield line
Royal Park railway station is located on the Upfield line in Victoria, Australia. It serves the northern Melbourne suburb of Parkville, and it opened on 9 September 1884.

How much does myki card cost?

A full fare myki card costs $6 and a concession, seniors or child myki costs $3. For more information about how to use your myki, visit or call 1800 800 007.

How can I travel without a myki card?

Free tram travel Hop on and off the historic trams as often as you like. You don’t need a myki if you’re only travelling in the city’s Free Tram Zone or on the City Circle Tram.

Is Springvale station safe?

The Herald Sun has revealed Melbourne’s most dangerous train stations after the latest Crime Statistics Agency data came out. “Springvale is a busy area, which sees a large number of people using the train station on a daily basis. “Every person has the right to use the public transport system and feel safe.”