Is there still a trophy case on Snapchat?

⚠️ Important: Trophies are no longer available. It’s tough news, but check out Charms — a new way to celebrate your friendships!

Did Snapchat remove trophies?

With the new update in April 2020, Snapchat trophies has sadly been deleted completely from the app. But it’s been replaced by something even better, Snapchat Charms.

What’s after snap legends?

Snapchat Score Charms These come in 5 different tiers like 5 stars: Snap Rookies with one star, Sophomores, Masters, Heroes, and Snap Legends with 5 stars accordingly. There are also two special charms that aren’t for everyone.

Can your snap score go down?

Can my Snapscore go down? Technically no. This means that you shouldn’t lose points.

How to unlock all of the trophies on Snapchat?

Check out how to unlock each one in the Snapchat trophy case, then get to snappin’. When your total Snapchat score (the number of sent and received Snaps combined) hits 10, 100, 1,000, 10,000, 50,000, 100,000 and 500,000, you’ll unlock the baby, gold star, sparkling star, circled star, explosion, rocket and ghost emojis, respectively.

When did the last trophy come out on Snapchat?

Last updated December 2016 with new trophies. These latest Snapchat trophies were released in December 2015. Your Snap was posted on a Live Story! Linked your Bitmoji to Snapchat! Paired Spectacles!

What’s the highest score you can get on Snapchat?

Your Snapchat score hit 10! Your Snapchat score hit 100! Your Snapchat score hit 1,000! Your Snapchat score hit 10,000! Your Snapchat score hit 50,000! Your Snapchat score hit 100,000! Hey Snapperstar!

How do you get repeat badge on Snapchat?

Send a snap with two filters applied and you get the two finger emoji. Flipping between the front and rear camera once during a video Snapchat will garner you the repeat badge. If you can fit five or even 10 rotations into a video, there are two more badges awaiting you.