Is Tomei full titanium?

Long Fiber glass wool is used in all Tomei silencers. – Although conventional pressed flanges are lighter, Tomei flanges are cut from 8mm thick titanium, making them more resistant to cracking and warping. In addition, the opening diameter is kept the same as stock to ensure a secure seal.

How much does a 350z Tomei weigh?

Additional bolt holes may be required when using the sound reducer ver. 2 ….

WEIGHT 12.6lbs / 5.7kg 54.01lbs / 24.5kg

How many DB is Tomei exhaust?

While the cabin noise felt surprisingly tolerable, our sound tests outside the car revealed a 101-decibel reading at 5,000 RPM. The Expreme Ti exhaust showed a 6.5whp improvement for a maximum 284.04whp at 5,600 RPM and a 11.94 lb-ft torque improvement for a maximum 295.11 lb-ft at 3,900 lb-ft.

How loud is a Tomei?

At 5250rpm, Tomei’s data showed a measure of 104db. Although it’s fairly loud, it’s a deep exhaust note that’s not at all annoying, and far better than what you’ll get from fart cans.

Are Tomei headers titanium?

The Tomei product concept is “To produce a great product for ultimate driving pleasure”. This time our latest product developments have been in these new Titanium exhaust systems.

Does Tomei Expreme have a muffler?

A silencer is also included in the kit (as we know many owners do like to use it on their own car, and certain other people DO like to complain about the noise).

Do Tomei exhaust have mufflers?

Compared with the stock design, our design is single piping all the way for max weight reduction. We have also focused on the design of the muffler to produce the best exhaust sound without compromising performance.

Where is Tomei exhaust made?

Tomei USA titanium exhausts (same as Japan) are both made in China. Tomei Japan cams are made at their HQ in Japan. Tomei USA cams are sourced from Taiwan or China.

Is Tomei too loud?

It’s definitely loud with a full downpipe/ test pipe. Litespec titanium is a cheaper poorer made version of the Tomei titanium. The weld quality is noticeable if you have them side by side. It also won’t be any quieter.

Does Tomei have a muffler?

Is Tomei exhaust straight pipe?

The Tomei Expreme Titanium straight pipe is the perfect compliment to the Tomei titanium exhaust, ensuring more efficient exhaust flow.

Does Tomei exhaust rust?

Tomei Expreme Titanium Exhaust Quality The fit, finish, and overall quality of the Tomei Expreme exhaust essentially allows it to double as a piece of art. Reliability and strength are a non-issue with this exhaust system being that titanium is equally as strong as steel and more resilient against rust.