Is Toxin stronger than Carnage?

Powers. Toxin possesses the powers of its parent, but to a greater extent. In addition, it seems to have a much stronger resistance to sonic waves and intense heat than Carnage. Superhuman Strength: He possesses vast superhuman strength, and at the time of its birth it was stronger than Carnage and Venom combined were.

What is the strongest symbiote?

9 Most Powerful Symbiotes In the Marvel Universe, Ranked

  • 8) Scream.
  • 7) Sleeper. Image via Marvel Comics.
  • 6) Anti-Venom. Image via Marvel Comics.
  • 5) Toxin. Image via Marvel Comics.
  • 4) Carnage. Image via Sony Pictures.
  • 3) Grendel. Image via Marvel Comics.
  • 2) Knull. Image via Marvel Comics.
  • 1) Venom. Image via Sony.

Why is Toxin stronger than Venom?

Because of the way symbiote genetics work, Toxin is still stronger than Venom’s new children, like Sleeper. As the thousandth member of his line, Toxin seemed to be especially important to both Venom and Carnage, implying that perhaps Toxin’s status makes him the genetic recipient of built-up power.

Is Toxin stronger than anti-venom?

Canonically, Toxin. Every symbiote produces one stronger than it’s predecessor, and Toxin is the latest out of the ones listed (Anti-Venom is a unique situation, and while best against the other Symbiotes and Spider-Man, would not be as strong overall as Toxin).

Does Toxin hate Venom?

Due to the fact that Venom trying to kill Toxin (again with the Venom kidnapping Toxin). Toxin now has a deep hatred for Venom, which coincides with Eddie’s dislike of Venom.

Is toxin the strongest symbiote?

Toxin was the most powerful symbiote on the planet Earth when he first appeared, the 1,000th spawn of Carnage. It bonded with police officer Pat Mulligan and learned much about the world and how to become a true hero. The additional powers for Toxin was a poisonous bite and a healing factor that rivaled even Wolverine.

Is toxin good or bad?

While not nearly as bad as his villainous father Carnage, Toxin is certainly proving he’s quite darker than Venom, despite Bren’s efforts to motivate him to be more heroic during Knull’s invasion.

How much can toxin lift?

Toxin is superhumanly strong and can lift within 44 – 80 ton range. However, this is not his true limit, as his strength increases with his size and variable muscle mass. His strength is stated to be greater than Carnage and Venom combined; thus enabling him to lift over 44 tons in a calm state.

Is toxin good or evil?

Is toxin stronger than carnage?

Toxin possesses the powers of its parent, but to a greater extent. In addition, it seems to have a much stronger resistance to sonic waves and intense heat than Carnage . When bonded to Patrick Mulligan, it had a slim and streamlined appearance closely resembling Spider-Man, complete with red and dark blue coloration.

Is venom stronger than carnage?

Venom is easily stronger than Carnage. The symbiote enhances your strength and Brock was easily benching huge amounts of weight before he had it. He’s able to lift an entire Ferris Wheel off of his wife while the symbiote was weakened (which is a little far fetched but still canon). Carnage is like a berserker.

Who’s stronger venom or carnage?

Carnage, the child of the Venom symbiote , is actually stronger than the Venom symbiote initially was post-Spider-Man. So, if Venom post-Spider-Man was roughly a 30 tonner, Carnage is about where Venom is now in terms of strength, approximately 50 tons, possibly higher.

Is venom toxic?

Both poison and venom are toxins because a toxin simply describes a biologically produced chemical that alters the normal function of another organism. There is one quick way to remind you of the difference between poison and venom: If you bite it and you die, it’s poison. If it bites you and you die, it’s venom.