Is wirsbo the same as PEX?

This is a question we receive frequently at and the short answer is that Wirsbo IS PEX! PEX is slang for “Crosslinked Polyethylene”, a popular type of plastic material used for plumbing and heating pipes all over the world. Wirsbo is simply one of many brand names of PEX in the marketplace.

Can you use PEX in Australia?

The John Guest 16mm and 20mm Speedfit range as well as being a complete system, offers the only complete range of fittings that can be used on any Pex piping system that meets Australian standards and is Watermarked.

Where is Uponor PEX manufactured?

Hutchinson, Minnesota
Uponor acquires a new manufacturing site in Hutchinson, Minnesota, to meet continued strong growth in the USA.

Who makes wirsbo?

Uponor Group
Uponor Oyj is a Finnish company that sells products for drinking water delivery, radiant heating and cooling. Uponor Group has approximately 3,800 employees….Uponor.

Type Julkinen osakeyhtiö
Number of employees 3,800 (2019)

Can you attach PEX to wirsbo?

As far as I know, nope. Wirsbo Pex uses Wirsbo fittings and rings.

Is Rehau PEX-A or B?

Rehau and Wirsbo are brands of PEX tubing . Both are type A PEX which seems to be preferred to type B or C. Wirso uses an expansion mandrel tool, inserts, and external compression rings.

Which PEX pipe is the best?

PEX-A, which has the most flexible tubing and best freeze- and kink resistance, is ideal for use with kitchen and bath fixtures. PEX-B is slightly less flexible and less freeze-resistant.

When was wirsbo released?

In 1968, German inventor Dr. Thomas Engel developed the method to chemically crosslink polyethylene, and in 1972, Wirsbo (now Uponor) introduced Engel-method PEX (called PEX-a) to the European market.

Is Uponor PEX A or B?

There are two dominant brands of PEX: PEX A and PEX B. (A popular PEX A manufacturer is Uponor, while Zurn is a big manufacturer of PEX B.)

Can you use rehau fittings on wirsbo pipe?

Rehau does not warrant their pipe when used with the Wirsbo Pex-ring joint and sold against it forever. You can use standard crimp ring fittings on either one, and the Everlock IS usable for both. The expander tools work the same with both lines and are mostly the same tools and do the same thing.

What’s the difference between wirsbo and PEX tubing?

PEX-a is the highest flexibility PEX tubing and popular brands include Rehau, Uponor (formerly called Wirsbo) and ComfortPro. Typically, PEX-a is used with cold expansion fittings (F1960) or Uponor / Wirsbo’s brand name Propex fittings.

What kind of pipe is wirsbo HEPEX used for?

Wirsbo hePEX is crosslinked polyethylene (PEX-a) pipe that features a patent-pending oxygen-barrier coating technology that makes it ideal for closed-loop hydronic heating and cooling applications. Wirsbo hePEX can be used for hydronic distribution piping as well as potable-plumbing systems.

Which is the best brand of PEX pipe?

The Wirsbo is one of the brand names under the PEX-A pipe. It’s actually the first and by far, the most famous brand of PEX-A tubing. So Wirsbo is PEX A. PEX-A isn’t also the only type of PEX tubing. There are two others, PEX B and PEX C. This classification stems from the process applied in the manufacture of each type of PEX tubing.

How big is a coil of wirsbo tubing?

This is yet another Wirsbo tubing that boasts adequate length to take care of all your house metering needs. Featuring a coil length of 300ft, this tubing is capable of shouldering all your house tubing challenges, and without compromising quality too. It also has an oxygen diffusion barrier that satisfies the German DIN standard of 4726.