Is YT Capra a good bike?

The YT Capra has quickly solidified its position in the enduro landscape. It’s not really a race bike – instead it’s a good-times machine. As a brand, YT are ruthless in the pursuit of their disruptive attitude and nothing embodies that “Live uncaged” motto more than the Capra.

Is Canyon Strive an Enduro bike?

The Canyon Strive Isn’t an Enduro Bike and That’s Okay. The Strive CFR 9.0 may look like an enduro race bike, but it’s actually a lively trail bike. The Takeaway: this 29er has lots of travel —150mm rear and 170mm front—and an enduro build, but it rides like a shorter travel and lighter trail bike.

Should I get a Jeffsy or Capra?

Yes, the Capra is the faster downhill racer, but looking at the overall picture, we could also say that the Jeffsy CF PRO RACE 29 is a faster and easier climber, more versatile and only a tiny bit slower downhill than the mighty Capra on full-bore terrain.

Is the YT Capra an Enduro bike?

The CAPRA is a true legend. When we launched the first CAPRA in 2014, we changed enduro forever and set the benchmark. The current CAPRA followed the same path and became our fastest, most capable enduro bike ever. It will take you to where things get exciting: to the top of the big trails.

Is yt a good bike brand?

The move may have ruffled some feathers in the bike industry, but it’s hard to argue with the results: YT offers some of the best “bang for your buck” mountain bikes on the market.

Where are YT bikes made?

YT Industries is a direct-sales montain bike brand based in Forcheim, Germany, run by Markus Flossmann. It was founded in 2007 with the aim of supporting young riders and beginners in mountain biking with competitive, low-priced, entry-level bikes, but has since expanded to offer high-end pro bikes as well.

Is the Canyon Strive worth it?

While you’ll not receive the back-up of your trusty local bike shop, the Strive CF 9.0 offers a superb spec and quality ride feel. The Shapeshifter helps to make it one of the best long-travel all-rounders out there, and its easy going – albeit somewhat conservative – geometry means it’s really easy to ride.

Is Canyon a good bike?

Canyon Bikes Are High-Quality Their drivetrains, tires, and saddles are also high-quality. proves this when you look at its high-end Shimano Ultegra Groupset, Continental GP 5000 tires, and Fizik Aliante R5 super-comfy saddle. In my view, Canyon bicycles are the closest you can get to high-end bikes on a budget.

Can you jump a YT Jeffsy?

YT JEFFSY 2019 You’ll experience this when you jump on the new JEFFSY for the first time: it will make you raise your game and turn you into the rider you always dreamed of becoming; ride every trail the way you always wanted to ride it.

What is MX wheel size?

MX – a mix of both worlds The leading 29-inch wheel creates a large contact patch that generates a lot of traction and lowers the rollover resistance. While the smaller diameter rear wheel gives more butt clearance (a factor for some shorter limbed riders) and creates a quicker handling bike.

Why are YT bikes always sold out?

YT gets stock in batches throughout the year and they don’t take pre-orders (or at least not until the arrival of the next batch is imminent). If the bike you want is out of stock, checking the site will have to become part of your daily routine.

What does YT stand for bikes?

Young Talent
And it is bringing back the Young Talent message, which is what YT stands for. A new website promotes tapping into your Young Talent, and a series of videos featuring Aaron Gwin, Andreu Lacondeguy and Vali Holl show what is possible with that talent.