Know the meaning of flowers to send customized bouquets

Flowers have had multiple uses across eras! From being used in decoration purposes to being given as a gift, flowers have always been an object of delight and beauty. It’s interesting to note that during the Victorian era, people used to attach a romantic meaning to flowers.

Even in the 21st-century flowers form an essential part of romantic gifts. Back in Victorian times, flowers got used as a symbol of communication, where lovers couldn’t approximate words to express their emotions for their beloved. Humans have always connected with flowers to convey their lofty emotions. Floriography is known as the language of flowers and is prevalent till date.

Sending Flowers as Gifts

In the 21st century, you always have the option to send flowers as gifts. You can either send an entire bouquet or use few flower blooms as a part of a gift. Today, various online service providers have emerged in the past few years, who’ve made it easy to send flowers to anyone across the world. Also, as a bonus, these service providers have a vast collection of flower and bouquet types to select from.

You can browse and choose from the different flower bouquets available. Furthermore, you also have the chance to select the flowers that you want in your bouquet.

Customizing a thoughtful bouquet

Each flower on earth has a symbolic and spiritual meaning. So, if you want to gift a bouquet to someone who you love or admire, you can select a flower based on his/her nature or the feelings you want to convey. Other than knowing the person’s choice and the thoughts that you want to communicate, it is also crucial to understand the meaning of the flowers that you select. Discussed are some of the famous flower names, with their implications for you to customize your flower bouquet and send it to a loved one.

1. Bluebells

Unusual in its shape and with a serene blue color, Bluebells have a distinctive beauty of its own. You can find this flower in abundance in both Europe and Alaska. This flower is soothing and has been considered by several fiction authors and spiritual seekers as a sign of fairies and angels. It also stands for happy and spontaneous laughter. Therefore, if you want to cheer up someone, Bluebell is an excellent choice for the positive vibe that it carries.  Also, if you’re going to gift it to someone with whom you associate good times and merriment, it’s a smart choice.

However, there are some challenges when you are looking to gift exotic flowers. For starters, they are not easily available in your flower store. Secondly, even if they are, they will not look fresh and attractive. A better option would be to visit the online flower shop Abu Dhabi and explore their range of exotic flowers. They are experts when it comes to packaging and sending exotic flowers like bluebells all over the world. This will ensure that you are able to make someone feel special in the best possible fashion.

2. Calla Lily

Is there an older adult who you want to gift a bouquet? If yes, then you can count on the Calla Lily flower completely. Many people associate elements like an in-depth knowledge, wisdom and noble thoughts with this flower. So, if it’s your parent’s anniversary, you can go ahead and select a bouquet of Calla Lilies for them. The flower also stands for guidance and intuition. You can associate these two qualities with your parents or an older adult you respect and adore.

3. Roses of all kinds

A rose bouquet is both a common and popular choice. It conveys myriad emotions. It also has several symbolic and spiritual meaning. For instance, red roses universally refer to romantic love or passionate feelings. So, if you want to gift a bouquet to your beloved on her birthday, anniversary or for any other special occasion, there’s no better option than a red rose bouquet. You can customize it in a traditional way or a contemporary pattern. Choose a dozen or more than a dozen roses to add in your bouquet, and it will make your beloved glow in happiness.

You can also select from other rose colors. For instance, pink rose denotes affection and warmth. You can use pink rose to gift a friend or a new love interest as well. Alternatively, you can combine red and pink roses and gift it to your spouse on her birthday. Yellow roses suggest admiration and respect. Hence, it’s a perfect choice for Friendship’s Day and other similar occasions. White roses look pristine and are a sign of purity. In some cultures, it also denotes platonic or spiritual love and thoughts. You can always gift the same to an older adult.  Furthermore, you also have the choice to blend all the rose shades for any specific purpose as per your wish.

4. Carnation

Carnation flowers are known for its delicate and sublime beauty! In some cultures, this flower gets associated with a Mother’s Love. Hence, you can gift this flower bouquet to your mother on her birthday. It can be a great gift option on Mother’s Day as well. Spiritually, a Carnation flower also symbolizes the heart. So, if you are writing a heartfelt letter to someone, you can always add a carnation bouquet along with it.

5. Daisy

A Daisy flower often gets associated with all things bright, beautiful and innocent. It usually symbolizes all the positive emotions such as happiness, love, compassion, and purity. In some cultures, a Daisy flower was also a sign of creative inspiration. If you want to dedicate your poems to a special someone, you can add in a bouquet of Daisy flowers and send the same to the person. The flower also symbolizes the ethos that it is essential to enjoy the small and simple things of life. Daisy is a flower that motivates. So if you know someone who is in need to hope and courage, you can send him/her a customized bouquet and make the most of it.

Every flower today has a meaning. You can read about it to decide which flower caters to your requirement, customize a bouquet and send it across to the person concerned. Discussed above are the five flower choices that are popular for gifting as well as ceremonial purposes. You can also customize a flower bouquet combining all the flower types and gift it to a person you love and respect. You can trust the online service providers that offer online flower selection and deliver the same across multiple regions.