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If you are a person who loves to visit different places but you are not able to do that because of the work. But what if you get a chance to work on the go? Isn’t nice? Well, you can do that with the trading apps that can help you with the trading while you are on road traveling.

Mobile trading is nothing new in the market but only a few people know the right platform to do so. If you are out there finding the best platform, you will come across different kinds of apps that will claim to be best among the best until you use it. Some of them also have hidden charges. This had made sense of insecurity around this kind of app.

Do not worry, here in this article you will find the best apps that are in working condition and has some of the user experience (according to the user testimonial).

BitQt app

It is a commonly used app. is one of its kinds. It interphase is very user-friendly, even a novice can use it without facing any kind of problem. Not only it provides a platform for buying selling of the cryptocurrencies but it also acts as a converter and converts the crypto money into the respective national currencies.

If you want to start trading in the cryptocurrencies, BitQt app helps you with the AI assistance that gives you statistical information on the current market.

E-trade Mobile

The name itself says what this app is about. When it comes to online trading this app is second to none. It provides a platform for all kinds of traders. It also encourages people to gather information and make research their first priority as traders. If you are a novice and want to be an expert in that then this app can be the best teacher and mentor. And the features that it is incorporated with will surely help make deals on the road without a hitch.

TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade is one best app you can ever go for. It is the only app that is considered to be a rival of the E-trade. TD Ameritrade is more simple to use as compared to the E-trade. This app two very important features for the people who love to do trade on the go. First, it has a mobile trader platform. You can directly jump into the trading war with this feature. And the other is technical analysis. This feature helps the user with the information related to the deals and the trading changes happening around the users.


If you are someone who is in the trading business then you must have heard of the name TradeHero. It is one of the oldest apps that have been in existence. It is incorporated with many features that allow you to top work smoothly.

It can be the best option for you if you are traveling. This app trusted by many traders. What best thing about this app is that you even get expert advice on the deals you are about to make. This can help you make a decisive decision.


Just like all the other trading app, Robinhood is just the same. The difference you will be able to see when you are in a position to make a bid is that here you realize that this app does not charge any extra fee like the other apps. The best part of this app is that it is incorporated by the social media platform. You will able to share your thoughts with fellow traders. This also acts as a social community for traders where they can share tips and tricks of the trading market.


All the apps are more than suitable for you to take them with you on your journey. The only things that will make you choose one, will be your requirements. What kind of requirements you have or what kind of investor you are will be the deciding factor. With that being said you can choose anyone as all the apps mentioned in the least are top-notch.