Mastering Pokemon Go and Making Decent Money on the Side

Pokemon Go was one of the most downloaded games last 2016 that reached up to more than 5 million downloads in that year alone. A lot of the young generations and even fans of Pokémon turned the game into a cultural phenomenon. The reason for this is because users can utilize augmented reality as they progress to become Pokemon masters.

Players can act out their favorite animation show by going around places to catch their favorite Pokemon with the help of GPS. Players can also make a decent amount of money through different methods to make the most of their time from playing the game, such as selling multiple accounts.

Although players can spend their money to get stronger in the game, they can also make a reasonable sum of money from catching rare Pokemons. Since some players find it challenging to go around places to find rare and strong Pokemons, they find account sellers who have those rare Pokemons. Thus, some players can get to the top of the charts without spending a lot of time and effort.