Should I overclock my GTX 970?

Overclocking the GTX 970 is about as simple as it gets. Whichever application you prefer, overclocking the GPU is as simple as punching in a desired clock frequency and hitting ok. Voltage increases may be minimally effective for improving card clocking, but we didn’t see much benefit from it.

What is a good overclock for GTX 970?

+400 seems generally what the memory can do so I’d keep that. As for the core, I would try for the max stable overclock without increasing voltage. Start at 100 and go up in 25 MHz increments until it is no longer stable, then go back down. A good quick test is Unigine Valley Ultra in 4K (via DSR).

Can you Undervolt GTX 970?

The top card quickly gets up to 90c and throttles. One way to keep heat down would be to undervolt the cards. The issue is that both Afterburner and Precision X 16 don’t have an option to undervolt.

How hot is to hot for GTX 970?

95C is too hot, i’d say anything over 85C for a prolonged period of time is too high. Nvidia itself sets it’s GPU BOOST limits to 77C, which means your card will overclock itself up until it hits 77C or the boost clock limits it’s set to automatically.

Can you Undervolt Maxwell?

You can’t directly undervolt. What you can do is apply offsets to the boost clocks, and the card will run minimal clocks to reach vsync or whatever your frame rate target is. When the boost offset is higher, the card can use a lower voltage.

Does MSI Afterburner affect FPS?

MSI Afterburner does not effect performance on almost all games.

Is 80c too hot for GTX 970?

80C is still well within safe temps (max 98C). You could also change the fan profile and set it to a more aggressive fan curve to help keep temps down with a program like MSI Afterburner.

How much memory does a GTX 970 have?

NVIDIA’s reference GTX 970 is spec’d at 1,050MHz Core and 7,000MHz Memory. Because I don’t have the reference card, I have no way of knowing how GPU Boost will affect the clock, but I’d imagine it’d gain about 125MHz like the GTX 980 did. GTX 970 Overclock – 1,460MHz Core, 7,700MHz Memory

Is there an overclock on the GTX 980?

GTX 980 Overclock – 1,400MHz Core, 7,750MHz Memory Because an overclock on a current NVIDIA GPU doesn’t take into account GPU Boost, any clock you set will in actuality go higher when playing a game. In my particular case, I saw the GTX 980 peak at 1,450MHz, with clocks at around 1,420MHz being seen more often than the flat 1,400MHz.

What does 10% TDP on GTX 970 mean?

GTX 970 – and GM204 in general – clearly desires to be fed with more voltage and more power overall than what any NVIDIA approved card is going to see. Power consumption and noise tick up, but only slightly. The limited 10% TDP increase means that the amount of power the card can draw and dissipate as heat only increases slightly.

Which is better GTX 980 or GTX 970?

Overall this is a weaker overclock than GTX 980, though not immensely so. Meanwhile memory overclocking was just as fruitful as it was on GTX 980, with our card being able to handle up to 7.8GHz on its GDDR5 memory.