Should I pull my tooth or get a root canal?

Keeping a tooth is the better option. Proper root canal treatment will save a tooth, and with good dental hygiene, it should last a lifetime, without the need for further treatment. With the original tooth, the line of your jaw stays firm, your teeth are healthy, and you will need fewer visits to the dentist.

How long does a root canal take on a molar?

Molars, the four-cusped teeth at the back of your mouth, can have up to four canals, making them the most time consuming teeth for a root canal. Since the roots alone take an hour to remove, disinfect, and fill, a molar root canal may take 90 minutes or more.

How much does it cost to get a root canal?

A root canal can relieve pain, help save your tooth, and get you back to smiling and eating again. However, costs of root canals can vary based on the location and condition of the affected tooth and whether or not a crown is needed. Generally, costs can range between $1074-$2879:

Do you have to pay for a root canal with Delta Dental?

It will also depend on whether or not you have insurance or need to pay out-of-pocket and whether your dentist or endodontist is in-network or out-of-network. Delta Dental plans cover a variety of root canal (endodontic) treatments. The most common procedures and typical amounts charged by dentists are:

Can you get a root canal at Aspen Dental?

affordable root canal procedures Aspen Dental is dedicated to making your dental care comfortable and affordable. We accept a variety of dental plans and third-party financing options to defray or cover the cost of your root canal.

Can you get a root canal without insurance?

However, the cost of dental care can be even more alarming—especially to those who need to get root canal treatment without insurance. If your dentist has recommended a root canal, it is essential to get treatment. If left untreated, the infection from the tooth can spread to other parts of your body.