A term paper is the first serious research project in the life of every student. Of course, very often students turn to the services of buying term paper for writing term paper, but it is better to do it independently, because of how the student will perform it depends on how in the future he will write a thesis and what he will be a specialist at all.

To write a term paper without unnecessary time and effort, the student must apply a structured approach, which involves the allocation of individual structural elements of the term paper and work on each of it.

The topic of term paper

The topic for the term paper is either selected from the list of topics offered by the department, or the choice is made by the student on his own based on his preferences. If the student is given the right to choose a topic, the final stages in this process are:

  • evaluation of its relevance and appropriateness;
  • condemnation of the chosen topic with the teacher;
  • its approval at the department.

The student must choose an interesting topic for him to do the work on writing a term paper with enthusiasm. If the term paper is written directly on the specialization of the student, he needs to think in advance about what the student will write a thesis, and choose a topic for the term paper based on this.


Usually, the introduction has a small volume in which student has to reflect many points:

  • demonstrate that he is fully aware of the importance and feasibility of research on the chosen topic of term paper;
  • tell about the goals and objectives of the study;
  • review the sources of information, by which to demonstrate the ownership of data on previous studies of the selected subject;
  • specify the object and subject of research, as well as methods and approaches used in its study;
  • briefly describe the content of each term paper structural element.

Main part

This term paper element consists of two or three chapters, which are divided into paragraphs. The content of each chapter can be summarized as follows:

  1. The first or theoretical part contains methods of solving the problem and the author’s point of view on it, supported by weighty arguments, or in other words, a theoretical study.
  2. In the second part, which is usually practical, calculations are made, examples from practice are given. Everything that was described in the first theoretical part should be applied in practice during the research and described here.


This structural element of the term paper also has a small volume of about 2-3 pages and contains conclusions on the topic of the study. However, this does not mean that student just needs to briefly retell the content of the entire term paper. It is important to give a description of the results obtained during the study. This will mean that the goal of writing a term paper is achieved.

List of sources used

This list should contain at least 10 sources. It can be books, textbooks, articles in scientific journals, newspapers, publications on the Internet, scientific works, references to which must be specified in the term paper.


Here is placed all that is not included in the main part of the term paper because not to distract attention from the material, which contains only references to the application. These are tables, diagrams, figures and schemes, clearly confirming the process of conducting the study by the student.