The Simple Tips About How to Speed Up Windows 10 Laptop

Do you have an idea about how to speed up windows 10 laptop? It is true that your aging laptop needs a boost. So, how to make your laptop faster? Working with a slow laptop can be a real irritation because it takes lots of time to open or process commands.

Your laptop executes tasks slowly because of certain reasons that you can easily fix. Many people are going to purchase a new one instead of fixing the issues. Fortunately here you come to know how to speed up laptop windows 10 within no time.

If you are professional and your laptop consistently irritates you and take a long time to proceed with several tasks, then no need to worry! There is no need to exchange your laptop with a new one. When you are working on your laptop, several programs are running in the background. So, you can check out your laptop background task thoroughly and fix the issues yourself. Surprisingly, here you come to know the easiest ways to increase laptop speed.

Tips for All Laptops:

Here are some tips to boost any laptop:

  • Quit background programs
  • Close all the unnecessary browser tabs
  • Restart your laptop
  • Delete unnecessary programs and files

When your laptop proceeds task slowly, then you probably ask yourself how to speed up my laptop. Don’t worry, here you can unfold the question of how to make my laptop faster. No doubt that there are a hundred ways through which you can easily boost your laptop speed, here you come to know about how to speed up windows 10 laptop within a couple of minutes. You should follow the below ways to unfold both questions how to speed up laptop windows 10 and how to make your laptop faster.

How to Speed Up Windows 10 Laptop – The Simple Ways:

Explore the simple ways to boost your Windows 10 laptop:

Check for Updates:

Yes – windows releases updates of each month. So, there is a need to update your laptop regularly, it helps to fix the bugs, and allow your laptop to run smoother and faster.

  • Select the Start menu
  • Settings
  • Update and Security
  • Windows Update 
  • Check for Updates

Limit The Number of Programs:

You should limit the number of programs which can open at startup. You may notice that whenever you turn on your laptop, there are some programs & applications which launch automatically. You can increase the speed of your laptop by decreasing the number of programs & apps that open automatically.

Run a Performance Report:

You can generate a comprehensive report about your laptop with the help of Windows 10’s Performance Monitor tool. In this report, you can easily identify problems, and it can also suggest fixes.

Turn off Background Apps:

As mentioned above that your laptop becomes slow due to programs which are runs in the background. It is most important to turn off these programs immediately, as these programs continue to receive information (and use the memory), even you are not using them.

  • Select the Start menu
  • Click Privacy
  • Background Apps
  • Identify the apps and manage the options which are more suitable for you

Defragment Your Hard Drive:

Over time, the files which are stored in your laptop hard drive memory will become fragmented. When you open these fragmented files, the hard drive starts the search for all of the parts, and as in a result, the speed of the laptop becomes slow. So, there is a need for defragmentation. However, your hard drive performs automatic defragmentation on a set schedule. You can also defragment your hard drive manually.

Clean Your Disks:

You can run the window disk cleaner tool which allows you to easily find and remove unnecessary files, programs and apps from their disks. When you remove these files, then you will able to free up more memory. As a result, your laptop runs faster and smoother.

Disable Visual Effects:

There are lots of animations in Windows 10 which are enabled by default. So, to boost your laptop speed, you should disable these animations.

Hope so from above you come to know how to speed up windows 10 laptop. To boost up your laptop speed, you ought to follow the above ways exactly.