Tips to Stay Healthy & Fit for the Over-50s

Once you reach the ripe old age of 50, there’s no denying the fact that you have entered middle age and your health can no longer be taken for granted. Of course, we are all unique as human beings and some 50-year-olds are incredibly fit, as they lead a very active lifestyle, while others are far from fit and have had a few years of inactivity. If you are approaching middle age, here are a few tips on how to maintain a high level of fitness and live a healthy lifestyle.

  • The Importance of a Balanced Diet – Our bodies need a lot of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, especially when we reach middle age and if you search online, you can find lots of information on creating a healthy diet plan. Make sure you include fresh fruit and vegetables in your diet plan; there are organic farms all over Thailand and they sell their produce via their websites, which can be delivered to your door.
  • Take Up Cycling – You can order a state-of-the-art mountain bike from the online supplier and there’s no better place to get on your bike than sunny Thailand. Even a city like Bangkok has some amazing parks where you can cycle and a short ride in the early morning and early evening is all it takes to stay fit and healthy. Cycling works all the major muscle groups and it is a lot of fun, especially when you ride with the family.
  • Medical Insurance – It is important to have comprehensive medical insurance when you are in your middle years and elderly insurance is available from a leading Thai insurance provider. Life insurance ensures that your family are not financially burdened and with medical cover, any unexpected medical expenses will be taken care of.
  • Daily Supplement – Everyone over the age of 50 should take a daily tablet that ensures you have all the essential vitamins and minerals to remain healthy. An A-Z daily supplement ensures that you receive all the nutrients you need for a healthy life and you can order health food and supplements from the online health store. Click here for 20 amazing properties of pineapple.
  • Online Exercise – Thanks to YouTube, you can work out to a keep fit video (there’s thousands to choose from) and if you would like to try yoga or Pilates, there are how-to videos and even online classes that you can join. Yoga in particular is very beneficial, developing physically, mentally and spiritually; ideal for those who are still under lockdown and you can buy a yoga mat and a few DVDs online and that will keep you in good shape.
  • Have a Hobby – Everyone needs a passion in their life; it might be fishing or golfing, or even listening to classical music and you should allow yourself time to indulge in whatever it is that you love to do. If you don’t have a hobby and are open to ideas, the Internet hosts a wealth of information and trying something new is always a challenge. Get into gardening now that the good weather is here and you can grow organic vegetables if you create a veggie patch in the corner of the garden.
  • Install a Home Gym – Many Thai people have installed a home gym and there are online suppliers who have an in-house team of designers who will put together the ideal layout. Once you have your own equipment, you can work out at your convenience and think of the money you will save when you no longer have to visit the gym. All you really need are a couple of dumbbells and a bench, then you can add to the gym gradually until you have everything.
  • Everything in Moderation – Possibly the best advice ever given, making sure that you don’t overdo anything will be beneficial to your health. If you drink, make sure that you do not exceed the recommended alcohol units per week and never drink if you plan to use the car. If you can completely eliminate sugar from your diet, this will promote good health; there are sugar-free alternatives for most things.
  • Enjoy Life – It can be difficult to enjoy life, especially during these troubled times and research shows that people who have an optimistic outlook on life are generally healthier than those who focus on negative aspects. If the pandemic has affected you and you are anxious about your future, there are government hotlines with mental health counsellors and it can really help to share your problems.

There is a lot of evidence to suggest that our attitude towards life had an impact on our overall health & well-being and by taking in the above advice, you can enjoy your middle years.