Top 5 Best Grinders to Buy Online

It doesn’t matter what kind of a cannabis user you are, but you should keep a good weed grinder in your weed stuff because vaporizers and grinders go hand in hand and I am sure that you would agree with me. Before vaping it is always best to grind your weed well for the perfect vaping experience otherwise you may feel a bad texture which can ruin your whole session. Grinding your herbs finely is a necessity to vaporize properly. The best and the easiest way to end up with finely cut grass is to use a weed crusher – a small device designed specifically designed for grinding weed. Even the best dry herb vaporizers can’t perform well without a well-shredded weed. Since there are many grinders to choose from on the market, we decided to give you some help by listing all the best weed grinders on the market today.

1. SharpStone V2 Hard Top 4 Piece Grinders

This iconic hard-top grinder is the upgraded version of Hard Top 4 Piece Grinder. It uses all the features of its predecessor in a more improvised way. Its manufacturing is totally revamped to give you a more pleasant feel and natural results. It is surely the stuff of legends. It is a lightweight grinder because it is made from aircraft-grade aluminum so you can carry it around easily without feeling any extra burden. V2 hardtop 4 piece grinder is equipped with stainless-steel screens that effectively collect pollen from the herbs you grind. This grinder has a very high quality finish and allows grinding a lot of herbs at the same time without any effort! You can easily find out the complete whole new range of SharpStone best grinder’s collection online at

2. Kingtop Weed Spice Grinder

The Kingtop Weed Spice Grinder is known as the best grinder to evenly grind your herb, bud or spice without leaving large chunks behind. Most grinders provide only 2 Inch pot capacity and it becomes difficult to grind large quantity at once so you end up grinding small amounts few separate times. But with Kingtop weed spice grinder you are allowed to grind more at once. It provides the largest 3.0 Inch grinding capacity. It is outfitted with sharp teeth which make grinding more smoother in a uniform manner. A solid earth magnet is equipped to provide the firm balance while using.

3. SharpStone V2 Clear Top 4 Piece Hand Crank Grinder

SharpStone V2 Clear Top Hand Crank Grinder is the latest version of the SharpStone’s Clear Top Hand Crank Grinder. It is one of the best grinders in the industry and all credit goes to the folks back at SharpStone who observed that there was always room for the improvement in the Hand Crank Grinder and with spending countless hours they finally have a revamped, upgraded version. Its recognizable ribbed and textured edges allow for a better grip when using the grinder. With a few advance modifications, SharpStone V2 Clear Top Hand Crank Grinder looks slicker than ever from both inside and outside.

4. Santa Cruz Shredder

The Shredder with its unique teeth pattern, razor sharp teeth, and ultra durable material makes it definitely one of the best grinders you can get. Its high count micron screen allows the only purest pollen to get through and keeps the natural taste alive. The 4 piece Santa Cruz Shredder is also equipped with deeper storage so that you can grind and carry a good amount as well. A powerful magnet is installed at the bottom of the grinder which ensures that the lid stays in place while grinding herbs.

5. Grinder Kannastor 4 pieces

Kannaster is well known for manufacturing quality grinders and in recent times Kannastor has produced many variants of 4-piece grinders. This grinder is outfitted with an upper part which greatly facilitates the grinding of dry herbs. It also comes with a transparent compartment version that helps in visualizing the grinding process via its transparent window cover.

A strong magnet is used to keep the upper part in contact with the lower parts of the grinder and prevents it from overturning while grinding process which is very practical. It also uses diamond-shaped teeth that allow your grass to be perfectly crushed in just a few seconds.