Top 5 TV Streaming Sites to watch movies online

The technology has evolved and people are able to find convenient sources to watch TV in an easy way. Gone are the days, when you had to go behind your cable guy in order to watch TV programs regularly. There are few websites, which lets people free tv shows online full episodes without downloading, Movies and other entertainment programs in an easy way. Some of the sites in below lists of streaming sites gives an option to watch movies in both freemium and paid versions.

List of TV Streaming Sites to watch movies online

The list contains the list of top 5 legal TV streaming sites while there are few other movies streaming sites like fmovies where you can watch movies and tv shows at zero cost.


Netflix is one of the popular platform, which has emerged as one of the streaming sites experts for some time now. There are multiple channels and sources available for people for use, but Netflix has attracted a lot of people across the world because of high definition quality streaming.

It is important for every individual to look for multiple options in paid versions because it is used regularly. The platform allows people to pay for both single and multiple users, which lets them save money. Netflix features some of the popular entertainment options, which is seen by the majority of the population in America and Europe.


HBO or Home Box Office is one of the oldest platforms, which is offering quality services for a long time. The platform has a reputation for collecting only premium movies, which has enough potential to increase views effectively. HBO is pretty expensive compared to other platforms in the current market because it features selected shows without compromising the quality.

The platform has gained a lot of users from different parts of the world and provides allows sharing access in a limited way. As a lot of people follow shows featured in HBO, it is evident that a small amount of discount helps in saving money. You can also watch movies online though Oreo TV App for PC

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video has plenty of benefits compared to other platforms in the list. Amazon is one of the biggest online marketplaces, which allows people to buy products online in an effective way. The platform waves off the delivery charges for amazon prime video customer, which helps regular users to save a lot of money in an easy way.

Amazon Prime Video does not have a friendly interface compared to Netflix, but provides quality content to watch every day.


Hotstar is a new platform, which has gained a lot of reputation because of quality streaming. It is widely suggested for users to compare the content in the website because it helps in buying the right option. Hotstar is associated with multiple sources, which helps to offer a mix of content to users on a regular basis.


Hulu is widely used in western countries because of various reasons. As there are a lot of users visiting from western countries, the content is limited only to selected countries. Hulu has attracted a lot of regular users because it offers videos in multiple formats to decrease data consumption. Hulu offers services at reasonable costs, which is a beneficial factor for regular users.