Types of sports flooring every sports club should invest in


Sports flooring is one of the key aspects that affect the performance of athletes in a school or in tournaments of any level. It should be carried with the utmost care and precision. Sports flooring includes installation, maintenance, and all the general and dedicated repairs provided to the sports floor. It requires expert help and dedicated professionals. The professionals need to be well-trained individuals who know the characteristics, benefits, and drawbacks of each kind of flooring. These professionals will help you choose the best kind of floors according to your given requirements. The installation and maintenance of sports flooring should be done in an appropriate manner to ensure its durability and upkeep the standard of the sports it is being used for.

Sports flooring is of different kinds. Some examples of sports flooring used in schools are wooden sports flooring, vinyl sports flooring, linoleum sports flooring, Granwood sports flooring, hardwood sports flooring, seamless polyurethane sports flooring, pad sports flooring, recycled rubber sports flooring, and vulcanized rubber sports flooring.

Different types of flooring are:

* Maple hardwood

* Polyurethane athletic flooring

* Recycled rubber flooring

* Vulcanized rubber

* Track and field

* Artificial turf

Each of these sports floorings is used in different sports and for different purposes. The first four types of sports flooring are used for indoor sports and activities while the last two are used outdoors.

1. Maple hardwood

Maple hardwood is a sturdy floor. This flooring is the toughest of them all and hence is used in sports that involve heavy weights and activities. Sports like basketball and weightlifting use maple sports flooring because of the shock absorption ability of the maple wood. It absorbs shock well and can sustain heavy wear and tear. The maple wood is durable as well as has aesthetically pleasing qualities. The wood can be used to engrave the team’s logo and slogans. Hence it is great for the school’s basketball court.

2. Polyurethane athletic flooring

Along with maple polyurethane is also one of the most durable types of sports flooring. Like maple, this kind of flooring can also brace and absorb abrasion from heavy equipment. Also, this is a totally seamless flooring type. Due to its such qualities, this type of sports flooring is most commonly used in multi-purpose facilities. The polyurethane flooring can also be used in gyms, facilities and fitness centres. They are the most sought after wooden flooring.

3. Recycled rubber flooring

Recycled rubber flooring is the most famous among the customers due to their flexibility. The recycled rubber flooring is easily washable and does not require high maintenance. As such it is popular among the customers who do not want to splurge on the maintenance of the flooring or are looking for an economical option for their sports flooring. The rubber flooring is seamless and durable. The flooring is also water-resistant making it extremely easy to clean. It is also strain resistant and has a high shock absorption. The only problem is that this kind of flooring can not be used for sports like basketball and volleyball. However, it finds a very good use for itself in gymnasiums.

4. Vulcanized rubber

While we are discussing the durability of the sports flooring, we can not overlook the vulcanized rubber flooring. The vulcanized rubber flooring is one of the most durable and high performing indoor sports floors across the industry. The secret behind their high performance is the multiple layers of rubber. These layers provide maximum comfort as well as shock absorption. They can be thus used for weight room flooring or multi-purpose fieldhouses. The added advantage of vulcanized rubber is that they are non-porous and antimicrobial. The vulcanized rubber provides maximum stability with other advantages like slip-resistance and easy maintenance.

5. Track and field

Track and field sports flooring is used for running tracks. These tracks are hard compared to other types of sports flooring.

6. Artificial turf

Artificial turf looks exactly like the grass fields. The artificial turf flooring is being used in schools in place of the traditional grass fields as these turfs have a greater shock absorbing strength than their natural counterparts. Also, these turfs are low maintenance.

Now that you are acquainted with the type of flooring, depending on the sports you plan to promote in your institution, you can get the flooring installed by a professional flooring company that will provide you with the desired output. You can find sports flooring here at Junckshardwood. Check out our wide range of collection, today!