Was Carter high a true story?

It’s the true story of the 1988 Dallas Carter football team, the manner in which it won – and lost – a state championship and the subsequent descent into crime by some of its most talented athletes.

Who won the Texas State Championship in 1988?

Converse Judson
Officially, the 1988 state champions were Converse Judson, which lost 31-14 in the final to Carter.

What happened to Mike Winchell?

Mike Winchell He graduated in the spring of 1995 with a bachelor’s degree in marketing. He currently works for an independent surveyor in Decatur, surveying houses and building sites.

Is the movie Friday Night Lights true?

The television show Friday Night Lights was inspired by a true story, although one that traveled through multiple layers of adaptation. The real-life Permian Panthers, and the surrounding town of Odessa, were a major inspiration for the critically acclaimed NBC series.

Where is Coach Gary Gaines now?

After leading the Panthers to the state title more than 20 years ago, Gaines left Permian to become linebackers coach at Texas Tech.

Who is the quarterback for Permian in 1988?

Mike Winchell
Mike Winchell Starting quarterback in 1988, Winchell threw for 1,938 yards and 24 touchdowns in the state semifinal season. After graduating from Permian, Winchell went to Baylor for a year before transferring to Tarleton State University in Stephenville, where he majored in marketing and minored in accounting.

How many robberies did the Carter High football players commit?

It is believed to be the first of 21 police robberies linked to 15 teenagers from the Carter neighborhood, including six on the football team. The question then is what happened at Carter High.

What happened to Gary Gaines?

West Texas high school football coaching legend Gary Gaines has been diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimers’s, the Alzheimer’s Association of West Texas confirmed Friday. This summer in Amarillo, he will play a big part in an upcoming charity football game to raise money and awareness to help fight the disease.

Who was Dallas Carter High School football team in 1988?

But that 1988 Permian Panthers team, if you remember, didn’t actually become champions. That title, until it was forfeited, belonged to Dallas Carter High School. Arguably the greatest high school football team in Texas state history, Carter’s story is also seemingly made for film or print.

Why was Dallas Carters 1988 basketball team sent to jail?

Carter’s 1988 state title run was almost halted in district court as a battle raged between the Texas Education Agency and Carter over the eligibility of a player. Many of the careers of the team’s best talents did end in court. Six players from that team, a few of them stars, were sent to jail following a series of arrests for armed robbery.

When did Carter High win the state championship?

It’s a guaranteed story that will be told for generations, with a record that will be likely painted up on a water tower or on a city’s welcome sign. Carter High in Dallas took the state championship in 1988, but this new film about the team is not all about victory.

Who was the Texas high school football champion in 1988?

247Sports recruiting expert Bobby Burton covered high school football in the state during Carter’s run nearly three decades ago. Here’s what he remembers about the greatest champion in Texas that never was. “They were one of the handful of most talented teams ever in Texas High School football.