Was The Winslow Boy a real story?

“The Winslow Boy” is based on the real-life story of George Archer-Shee, who was a 13-year-old cadet at a British military college when he was accused in 1908 of stealing a five-shilling postal note.

What happened to The Winslow Boy?

Background. Set against the strict codes of conduct and manners of the age, The Winslow Boy is based on a father’s fight to clear his son’s name. The boy (Ronnie) is expelled from Osborne Naval College for supposedly stealing a five-shilling postal order, without receiving a fair trial.

What is the real life incident on which The Winslow Boy is written?

The story is based on truth: in October 1908, George Archer-Shee, a naval cadet at Osborne, was expelled for the theft of a five shilling postal order from another boy, which he allegedly cashed. His father, who had simply been told by the Admiralty of what they had done, became determined to clear his son’s name.

What did The Winslow Boy do?

true story Winslow boy. George Archer-Shee, a 13-year-old cadet at the Isle of Wight’s Osbourne Naval College, was accused of stealing a five shilling postal note from the locker of a fellow cadet in 1908.

Who was guilty in the Winslow Boy?

The Admiralty, embarrassed and no longer confident of Ronnie’s guilt, abruptly withdraws all charges against him, proclaiming him entirely innocent. Although the family has won the case at law and lifted the cloud over Ronnie, it has taken its toll on the rest.

Was Ronnie Winslow guilty?

Ultimately, Ronnie is found not guilty—though like the rest of the family he isn’t in court at the time of the announcement.

Who stole the money in the Winslow Boy?

George Archer-Shee (6 May 1895 – 31 October 1914) was a Royal Navy cadet whose case of whether he stole a five shilling postal order was decided in the High Court of Justice in 1910.

Who wrote The Winslow Boy?

Terence Rattigan
The Winslow Boy/Playwrights

When did the movie The Winslow Boy come out?

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Who was the Prime Minister in the Winslow Boy?

H.H. Asquith, the Prime Minister whose name occurs (as Herbert Asquith) at various points throughout “The Winslow Boy”, was in fact the father of that same Anthony Asquith who directed this film. See more »

Why did Arthur Winslow retire in the Winslow Boy?

Arthur Winslow goes home from his job at the bank after 46 years, retiring because of arthritis. He has a normal domestic life for a middle-class family: his eldest son is at Oxford University, his daughter is a non-militant suffragette, and his youngest son is starting as a naval cadet.

Why was the Winslow Boy expelled from the Naval Academy?

The Winslow Boy (1948) In pre-WWI England, a youngster is expelled from a naval academy over a petty theft, and his parents raise a political furor by demanding a trial.