What are common Romanian names?

The most common names are:

  • For males: Alexandru, Adrian, Andrei, Mihai, Ionuţ, Florin, Daniel, Marian, Marius, Cristian for all males.
  • For females: Ana-Maria, Mihaela, Andreea, Elena, Alexandra, Cristina, Daniela, Alina, Maria, Ioana for all females.

What is the most common name in Romania?

The most common Romanian name is Maria. Other common names include Andrei, David, Alexandru, Gabriel (male) and Elena, Ioana, Andreea, Sofia (female).

Why do Romanian names end in Escu?

I have just learned that the suffix “escu” in a Romanian name means “son of.” But it seems that the “u” is a common ending in all Romanian words. Does that one letter have a meaning? The Romanian -escu is the equivalent of the French -esque, German -isch, and English -ish.

What does the name Mihai mean?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Mihai (Romanian pronunciation: [miˈhaj]) is a Romanian given name for males or a surname. It is equivalent to the English name Michael. A variant of the name is Mihail.

Is Roman a Slavic name?

Russian, Ukrainian: Роман (Roman) Belarusian: Раман (Raman)…Roman (given name)

Meaning Being Roman, belonging to the Roman/”Byzantine” Empire or Famous man
Region of origin Europe
Other names
Alternative spelling Cyrillic: Роман. Román, Romão, Romain

Is Michael a Hebrew name?

English, German, Dutch, and Jewish: from the personal name Michael, ultimately from Hebrew Micha-el ‘Who is like God? ‘. This was borne by various minor Biblical characters and by one of the archangels, the protector of Israel (Daniel 10:13, 12:1; Rev.

How rare is the name Mihai?

How Common Is The Last Name Mihai? It is the 7,075th most numerous last name on a worldwide basis. It is borne by around 1 in 90,822 people.

What is the most Slavic name?

Traditional Slavic names include:

  • Vladimir – ruler of the world.
  • Vladislav – ruler of glory.
  • Yaroslav – bright glory.
  • Bogdan – gift from God.
  • Miroslav – gracious glory.

Which is the best name for a girl in Romania?

1 Adrian (Latin name, meaning “by the Adriatic Sea”) 2 Alex / Alexandru (protector of men) 3 Alin (nobleman) 4 Andrei (coming from a Greek word that means warrior) 5 Anton (coming from the Latin word Antonius, meaning “he was lost”) 6 Aurel (the golden one)

What are some Slavic girl names with meanings?

50 Slavic Names for Girls with Meanings. Here are some of the prettiest Slavic girl names: 1. Agneza. This Slavic name is said to mean “chaste” and “pure”. It is considered the Croatian version of the name Agnes. 2. Alyona. This Russian name means “Light”.

What does the last name Boian mean in Romanian?

BENIAMIN : Romanian form of Greek Beniamín, meaning “son of the right hand.” BOIAN : Slavic name derived from the word boi, meaning “battle,” hence “warrior.” In use by the Romanians. CAROL : Short form of Latin Carolus, meaning “man.”

What does it mean to have a Slavic last name?

There are several Slavic surnames that belong to different countries in the region. Each surname carries its own unique meaning and indicates which land the person belongs to. Common Slavic last names often include patronymics (names developed using your father’s name), familial names, and even pet names.