What are flaky aggregates?

Flaky aggregate is defined as an aggregate particle with a least dimension (thickness) less than 0.6 of the mean of the smallest sieve size through which the particle passes and the largest sieve size on which the particle is retained.

What do you mean by flaky and elongated aggregates?

When the aggregate length is larger than its width and width is larger than its thickness then it is said to be flaky and elongated aggregates.

Why are flaky aggregates not preferred?

Flaky particles tend to orient in one plane and cause laminations which adversely affect the durability of the concrete. Flaky aggregate was shown to have lower compatibility and higher breakage . Highly flaky aggregates have more voids and reduce the workability.

What does flaky mean?

If you are flaky, you are off-beat and you probably don’t function in society quite like everyone else. If you say you’ll come to a party and then forget to show up, you are flaky. People are flaky (also spelled flakey) if they are wacky and unconventional, but to say someone is flaky is not really a compliment.

What is flaky material?

Something that is flaky breaks easily into small thin pieces or tends to come off in small thin pieces. …

What is the difference between flakiness and elongation of aggregate?

Flakiness Index is the percentage by weight of particles in it, whose least dimension (i.e. thickness) is less than three-fifths of its mean dimension. Elongation Index is the percentage by weight of particles in it, whose largest dimension (i.e. length) is greater than one and four-fifths times its mean dimension.

What is the purpose of flakiness test?

The test Flakiness index of aggregate is used to determine the particle shape of the aggregate specimen and each particle shape being preferred under specific condition.

What is granite aggregate?

Granite aggregate is hard rock of granular structure which is crushed, it is very common on earth. Granite rock is made by magma which erupted on the ground surface and then hardened as it cooled down. Granite is also used as a decorative stone, it can be of different colours such as grey, red or pink.

Does flaky mean unreliable?

Unreliable; prone to make plans with others but then abandon those plans. Some of his friends were flaky.

What means to be flaky?

When is an aggregate said to be flaky?

The aggregate is said to be flaky when its least dimension is less than 3/5 th (or 60%) of its mean dimension. Mean dimension is the average size through which th particles pass and the sieve size on which these are retained.

What is an aggregate playoff in golf called?

Air Shot– When a golfer intends to hit the ball, misses the ball completely and hits nothing but air. Also known as a whiff or whiff shot. Aggregate playoff[edit] An aggregate playoff consists of a series of extra holes, usually three or four, with the player with the lowest cumulative score being declared the winner.

Why is flakiness of aggregate used in road construction?

Because these causes weakness and breakdown under heavy traffic loads. In concrete pavements these reduces the workability. According to BS specifications flakiness index of the aggregate used for the road construction should not be greater than 35 % and Elongation index should not be greater than 45 %.

Which is the best definition of the flakiness index?

1 Flaky particles. The particles whose least dimension is less than 0.6 times the mean size dimensions. 2 Elongated particles. The particles whose greatest dimension is greater than 1.8 times the mean size dimension. 3 Mean size of aggregates. 4 Flakiness index. 5 Elongation index.