What are flash gels?

Colored gels (sometimes called color filters or lighting gels) are thin pieces of colored transparent material. They can be fitted over the top of your flash unit to modify the color of the light. Often, the reason for using a colored gel is to tone of the flash so that it matches the color (white balance) of the room.

What are flash gels made of?

Modern gels are thin sheets of polycarbonate, polyester or other heat-resistant plastics, placed in front of a lighting fixture in the path of the beam. Gels have a limited life, especially in saturated colors (lower light transmission) and shorter wavelength (blues).

What is the cost of GEL paper?

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What is CTO gel?

The main color correction gels are color temperature blue (CTB) and color temperature orange (CTO). A CTB gel converts tungsten light to ‘daylight’ color. A CTO gel performs the reverse. Gels that remove the green cast of fluorescent lights are called minus green. Gels that add a green cast are called plus green.

How do gels work?

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Why do you put a gel over a flash?

You put a gel over the flash, one that will warm up the light (e.g., yellow or orange) and can balance out any cold color casts from the naked flash. That way, you’ll get an image with consistent colored lighting, and you won’t end up with an impossible scenario with blue light in front of your subject and orange light behind.

Which is the best brand of flash gels?

The largest two are probably Lee (who also make photographic filters) and Rosco. There are plenty of unbranded gels available too, but the kits made from Rosco or Lee filters tend to be very reasonably priced as well as being good quality. Many kits include some method of attaching the gels to your flash.

What do you put in front of the Flash?

For instance, you can place an orange flash gel in front of the flash to make it orange; you can place a blue flash gel in front of the flash to make it blue; you can place a green flash gel in front of the flash to make it blue. Flash gels are cheap and easy to use, which is why they’re a fantastic way to spice up your photography.

How to use color gels to color your lighting?

There are three commonly used color correction gels: Color Temperature Blue isn’t that useful for color correction with flash, but can be used over a tungsten light to bring it to a similar color temperature to daylight. Color Temperature Orange can be used to make a daylight balanced light (like flash) match tungsten lighting.