What are some good cricket sledges to use in games?

Anyway, here are the 20 greatest cricket sledges of all time as decided by you: 20. Malcolm Marshall & David Boon. Malcolm Marshall was bowling to David Boon, who was having a bit of trouble against the fast bowler and had played and missed a few times.

Who was the sledger who Sledge Merve in cricket?

Actually it was Javed who started it all by sledging Merve, “ Merv you are a big, fat bus conductor.” Few balls later when Merve got him, Merv ran towards Javed who was going towards the pavilion and shouted, “Tickets please!” Aussies are known as ‘born sledgers’ and no wonder they even sledge each other.

What did Healy Sledge in one day cricket?

In a one-dayer between Australia and Sri Lanka, Ranatunga complained of injury and requested a runner. The stump microphone then picked up the following sledge from Healy: “You don’t get a runner for being an overweight, fat c**t”.

What’s the unwritten code in cricket about sledging?

The unwritten code in the inner cricket sanctum is that sledging does not get personal, but when it does, the victim has every right to retort. And in this instance, Botham remained unperturbed replying:

Why does Matty Johns sledge on the radio?

Anyone who’s watched Matty Johns on TV or listened to him on radio will know sledging comes naturally to the former NRL star, but he and his sons have also been on the receiving end of one-liners from footy fans looking for a laugh.

Is the England rugby team playing for Laughs?

“The only hope for the England rugby union team is to play it all for laughs. It would pack them in if the public address system at Twickenham was turned up full blast to record the laughs at every inept bit of passing, kicking or tackling.

Who are the sledges in the Ashes cricket?

SLEDGING is as much a part of the Ashes as Bradman, Benaud and Beefy Botham. There’s a rich history with combatants from England and Australia giving as good as they get – and members of the crowd chiming in with some beauties as well over its 140-year history.