What are some good questions for Family Feud?

Family Feud Game Questions

  • Name Something a Cowboy Would Hate to Have Happen.
  • Name Something You Fill With Air.
  • Name Something You Do Not Learn in School.
  • Name Something People Are Afraid Of.
  • Name Something That Goes up and Down.
  • Name Something That Makes a lot of Noise.
  • Name Something You Might Bring on a Date.

Is there a dirty version of Family Feud?

You know you want to. So now let’s get down and dirty with the game that may get a rise out of you. Late Night Family Feud is recommended for 3 or more players, ages 16 and up.

How many questions do you need for family feud?

five questions
Two members of the winning family are asked five questions, one member at a time. One member stays on stage and is asked the questions while the other member is off-stage. After the answers are given (or if the time limit, either 15 seconds or 20 seconds, is up), the answers and their point values are revealed.

Who do they survey for Family Feud questions?

The show uses a polling firm called Applied Research-West. The firm calls people randomly to ask them the questions. To keep the process discrete, the callers don’t tell the people they speak to that they’re collecting responses for Family Feud.

What are some good party questions?

Questions to ask at a party (with people from your social circle and friends of friends)

  • How do you know people here?
  • Found any new cool YouTubers lately?
  • Is it easy for you to open up to other people?
  • How old were you when you tried alcohol for the first time?
  • What’s the best thing about parties?

How many questions are there for Family Feud?

We’ve come up with a list of 36 Family Feud questions for kids, teens, and adults so the entire family can participate in a game of Family Feud. Remember: the numbers listed in parentheses after each top answer are points.

How old do you have to be to be on Family Feud?

Name A Sign That You Television Is Over 40 Years Old (7 answers) 11. Name a summer job a lot of teenagers get (4 answers) 12. Name Something Embarrassing That Might Happen While You’re Laughing (7 answers)

How does the game show Family Feud work?

If you aren’t totally up on the details of how Family Feud works, here’s a recap: Family Feud is a classic television game show that features two families, or teams, who compete with each other to state the most popular responses to survey questions in order to win prizes.

Do you need a buzzer to play Family Feud?

You don’t need a lot of fancy equipment to have your own Family Feud game night at home. All you need is a buzzer, some questions, and a little teamwork. While Family Feud uses lots of fancy technology and Hollywood magic to make the game work, you definitely don’t need that to have a fun game night at home.