What are some of the controversial issues in health?

Pages in category “Medical controversies”Abortion and mental health.Abortionbreast cancer hypothesis.Adiposis dolorosa.Adrenocorticotropic hormone (medication)Age management medicine.Agent Orange.Anesthesia awareness.Aspartame controversy.

What are some health topics?

Health and WellnessDisasters.Fitness and Exercise.Food and Nutrition.Health System.Personal Health Issues.Safety Issues.Sexual Health Issues.Social/Family Issues.

How do I choose a medical research topic?

Choosing a research topic : Guide for Medical StudentsChoose a topic that aligns with your clinical interest. Try to do clinical research (preferably not meta-analysis) Try to focus more on the research rather than just doing data collection. Retrospective v/s Prospective.

What is a good research question to write about?

The research question states the specific issue or problem that your assignment will focus on. In general, however, a good research question should be: Clear and focused. In other words, the question should clearly state what the writer needs to do.

How do you turn a topic into a question?

Q. How do I turn a topic into a research question?Think about what questions you have or that currently exist about your topic. Think about the 5 W’s –who, what, when, where, and why– to help you brainstorm different ways you might narrow your question to be more specific.