What are some parkour maps in Minecraft?

5 best Minecraft parkour maps that players should try out

  • Extreme Sky Run (Image via Minecraft)
  • 25 Stages of Simple Parkour (Image via Minecraft)
  • Beat Jumper (Image via Minecraft)
  • Parkour Islands (Image via Minecraft)
  • Theme Parkour (Image via Minecraft)

What are the best parkour maps?

Best Fortnite Parkour Map Codes

  • Temple Run 5001-0003-6492.
  • APA Parkour University 9469-8901-1491.
  • The Floor is Lava 9212-1228-9476.
  • Escape Room 5336-0087-0140.
  • 10 Impossible Parkour!!! 4892-2130-1868.
  • Rainbow Parkour 1756-3016-0196.
  • Rainbow Dropper 2.0 0196-4943-5490.
  • Cissorz Fun Run 0066-4697-7029.

Who is the best parkour of Minecraft?

Top 5 Minecraft parkour servers updated in 2021

  • Mox MC is a Minecraft server with great seasonally themed parkour maps.
  • Minr.org is a brilliant server for practicing parkour skills.
  • Happy HG offers a large selection of parkour maps, each with a unique theme.

What is a code for parkour in fortnite?

Hallis’s Parkour Map 7147-5446-2927 By H2o_hallis – Fortnite.

What are good MC parkour servers?

Best Parkour Minecraft Servers

Rank Server
#1 PokeSaga IP: play.pokesaga.org
#2 💎🌟 PURPLE PRISON 🌟💎 IP: purpleprison.org
#3 TulipSurvival IP: epic.tulipsurvival.com
#4 CubeCraft Games IP: play.cubecraft.net

Who is the parkour king?

Jackie Chan – The Parkour King – 2020.

What do you need to know about parkour maps in Minecraft?

Minecraft Parkour Maps. Parkour maps generally focus on jumping from one obstacle to the next. A parkour map that allows you to perform a Real life parkour tricks/moves in minecraft with no mods and no commands. just resource packs and various illusions. You’re going to parkour all the way to your school.

How many checkpoints are there in season parkour?

Seasons Parkour is a long parkour map that takes you through the four seasons, spring, winter, autumn and winter. It has a total length of 16 checkpoints of hard parkour.

When do you get burnt in the parkour DLC?

If you don’t finish it in time you will be burnt to a crisp. You have 3 minutes until you are engulfed by lava. The… It is on version and of Minecraft PE.It is about Attacking a House on the middle of the map.There are Hidden Achievements you must complete.The Defend Part i…