What are the attach and detach procedures in GPRS?

Attach process – Process by which the MS attaches (i.e., connects) to the SGSN in a GPRS network. PDP activation process – Process by which a user session is established between the MS and the destination network. Detach process – Process by which the MS detaches (i.e., disconnects) from the SGSN in the GPRS network.

What is call flow?

A call flow is a road map to how calls will be handled from the moment they enter the phone system to the end of the call. Call flows can be used to handle even the most complex call scenarios and enable great customer care.

What is call flow in Telecom?

Call flow describes the process by which a network routes a call to a mobile device. Even LTE devices still use 3G networks for most voice calls. 3G call flow is different in a GSM network than in a CDMA network.

What is GMM in telecom?

GPRS Mobility Management (GMM) [Under GPRS] » GMM – 24.007/8 « From 24.008, ” The main function of the Mobility Management sublayer is to support the mobility of user terminals, such as informing the network of its present location and providing user identity confidentiality.

What is mobility management context in GPRS?

The GPRS Mobility Management determines if the user equipment is registered to the network or not. In addition, if the user equipment is registered to the network, to which extent the network can determine the location of the user equipment. If it is to the cell level, or only to the routing area level.

How do you do a call flow?

To set up a call flow can be really simple; all you need to do is the following: Settings > Phone > Add call flow. You can name the call flow anything you like. Select which queue the incoming calls should go to. Option to have ‘number in queue message,’ e.g., we are experiencing a large number of calls at the moment.

What are the steps of call flow?

Such calls likely include sales, customer service, and quality control. Each will likely include the basic steps of greeting, the discovery of the issue the customer (or potential customer) wants to discuss, the solution offered, any further service or product to be offered, and closing statement.

What is LTE call flow?

With Long Term Evolution (LTE) comes a myriad of new and exciting attributes. One of these is the LTE call flow itself. In fact, call flow and signaling is unique for LTE, and is driven by 3GPP standards. Call flow is how signaling and sessions are created across an LTE network.

What is GMM in Mcwc?

7.1 GMM. The management of GPRS mobility in the network ensures the continuity of packet services when a given subscriber moves from one GPRS LA to another. All GPRS mobility procedures require a TBF connection at the RLC/MAC layer between the MS and the PCU.

How does a MS get registered with the GPRS network?

The SGSN is the node that is serving the MS; it is responsible for GMM. It delivers packets to the MSs and communicates with the HLR to obtain the GPRS subscriber profile. It manages the registration of the new mobile subscribers in order to keep a record of their LA for routing purposes.

How does the GPRS attach call flow work?

The request reaches SGSN using Gb interface (interface between service BSC (cell) and SGSN node), which initiates a DNS query to find the GGSN (Global GPRS support node) corresponding to the APN specified by the mobile. The DNS (Domain name server) provides the GGSN IP address.

What do you need to know about GPRS attach request?

When GPRS enabled MS is switched ON it initiates a GPRS attach request procedure. GPRS attach request contain old TMSI ( Temporary Mobile Subscriber Identity),Mobile Network Identity (MCC+MNC),location area code ( LAC),Routing area code ( RAC) information. The SGSN (Serving GPRS Support Node) searches for TMSI in its database.

What is combined attach procedure in GPRS-mobile packet core?

Learn 2G/3G/4G-LTE Mobile Packet Core Network for Beginners. Learn Mobile Packet Core Network in 5 Hours. The MS sends ‘Attach request’ to the new SGSN, with attach type set as ‘combined attach’. Identification and authentication occurs between new SGSN , old SGSN, MS, and HLR as exist in the ‘ GPRS Attach procedure ’.

Where does Insert Subscriber Data occur in GPRS?

‘Update Location’ and ‘insert subscriber data’ occurs between new SGSN, HLR, old SGSN as exist in ‘ GPRS Attach procedure ‘. The SGSN derive the new MSC/VLR address from the RAI sent from the MS. the SGSN sends ‘Location Update Request’ to the MSC/VLR including the (new LAI, IMSI, SGSN Number).