What are the different types of train tickets?

Indian Railways fare classes explained

Code Class Name Berth/Seat Arrangements
3A AC 3-Tier 2-berth 6-berth
FC First Class 2-berth 4-berth
CC AC Chair Car 2-seat 3-seat
SL Sleeper 2-berth 6-berth

How many types of railway tickets are there in India?

While booking reserved tickets through the website of Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corporation(IRCTC), passengers can book tickets under General Quota, Ladies Quota, Foreign Tourist Quota, Premium Tatkal Quota, Tatkal Quota, Senior Citizen Quota, and Physically Handicapped (Divyangjan) Quota.

What is 2S and SL in train?

CC – AC Chair Car 2S – Seater Class: SL – Sleeper class: 1A – AC First Class: 2A – AC Second Class: 3A – AC Third Class: Plan Your India Tour.

What are the classes on Indian trains?

Sleeper trains

  • Air-conditioned First Class (1A)
  • Air-conditioned 2-tier (2A)
  • Air-conditioned 3-tier (3A)
  • First Class (FC)
  • AC Executive Chair Class (EC)
  • AC Chair Class (CC)
  • Sleeper Class (SL)
  • 2nd Class Seats (2S)

What is berth type?

Berths are usually arranged as in 3A, but with three tiers across the width and three lengthwise. Appointments are similar to 3A, and bedding is not included. These coaches are also present in some Duronto Express trains as well. Only difference between 3A and 3E is the 3E coach contains Side Middle Births.

What is SL in railway?

Sleeper class: The sleeper class is the most common coach on the Indian Railways, and usually ten or more coaches of SL could be attached to a train rake. These are regular sleeping coaches with three berths across the width and two longways, without air conditioning. It carries 72 passengers per coach.

What is Ws and NC in railway ticket?

@Thiruvengadam_N your ticket is confirmed. However, your one ticket says WS meaning window seat and other one as NC meaning No Choice. This might happen when while booking one fills in No choice for berth preference. Have a pleasant journey!

What is FC in train?

FC is first class without AC with cabins of 4 berths each and coupe cabins of 2 berths each with door locking facility for cabins. there will be about 28 berths in a full First class coach. FC has cabin system with wide berth. 3/2 AC is better than FC and Sleeper class in not a bad choice when price compared with FC.

What is SE birth train?

SE1 is extra coach attached to the train. Sleeper Extra 1, 20 Means Lower Birth.

What is SE coach?

Side extra coach hota h.

How do I book my train ticket?

You can book train tickets directly through the Google Pay app. To book a train ticket with Google Pay, follow these steps: Open the Google Pay app. In the Business section, tap the Trains chat head. You can also search for ‘trains’ under the New section. Tap New ticket. Search for trains by origin, destination and date of travel.

What is 2s Class in Indian Railways?

2S is second seating class of Indian Railways and is Non AC class. To know more on this class check Trainman. Second seating (2S) is chair car and does not have air conditioning. It can be both reserved or unreserved.

How do you book Amtrak tickets?

Book a Ticket. After you have decided on your route, you can buy your ticket in a number of ways. You can book your ticket by using a major credit card either at Amtrak.com or over the phone at 1-800-USA-RAIL. Alternately, you can buy a ticket in-person at staffed Amtrak stations using cash, a debit card or a credit card — check Amtrak.com…

How much does Amtrak ticket cost?

A single Amtrak ticket can cost from $6 to $29 one-way, but it can be over $1,000 for long destinations and premium seats. On average, most trips that are under 500 miles will cost about $40 to $300 per seat in the coach section. To find out what your exact train trip will cost, refer to this Amtrak.com pricing page.