What are the events in Growtopia?

Annual Events

Month Event
May/June Super Pineapple Party
June/July SummerFest
August Player Appreciation Week
September/October Harvest Festival

How many days Harvest Fest in Growtopia?

Wiki Targeted (Games) The Harvest Festival is a week-long event that typically occurs on September or October, around the date of the Lunar Mid-Autumn Festival. This event is widely celebrated across Asian countries like China, Korea, Singapore and Malaysia.

How much is Songpyeon in Growtopia?

1 can be obtained from purchasing the item itself for 8,000 Gems in the Growtopia Store.

What can u get from super firework?


Reward Chance Rarity
Water Goddess Water Goddess 0.25% (Unobtainable) Mega Rare
Red Head Red Head 5.25% (Used to have 5%) Mega Rare
Mysterious X (Summer) Mysterious X (SUMMER) 20% Mega Rare
Ikki (SUMMER) Ikki (SUMMER) 74.75% Rare

How do you get an Anceestor mooncake?

The Ancestor Mooncake is an unsplicable consumable which was added during Harvest Festival 2016. It can be obtained by capturing the Ancestor Ghost that occasionally spawn when harvesting trees only during Harvest Festival.

How do you get purity mooncake GT?

The Purity Mooncake is an unsplicable consumable which was added as part of Harvest Festival 2018. One can be obtained from breaking a Cherry Blossom Tree during the event.

How many SSP seeds are there in Growtopia 2020?

A total of 149 unique seeds can be obtained from the Small Seed Pack.

How do you make Pineapple Explode in Growtopia?

If the player uses a Super Pineapple on a player with the Pineapple Body, they will have the buff Ultimate Pineapple Magic mod instead. Once fed 20 Pineapples or 1 Super Pineapple while having the Pineapple Body, the player explodes. This explosion removes one’s Pineapple Logo, Pineapple Skin, and Pineapple Body.

How do you get beach blast in Growtopia?

The Beach Blast is a blast which was introduced during SummerFest 2013 on June 21, 2013. Upon consuming using a unique world name, it will create a beach world. It requires 100 Fireworks for it to detonate.

How do u make ancestor cake in Growtopia?