What are the lofts of Callaway irons?

Mens 2021 Apex Irons Product Specs

Name Loft Steel Swing Weight
#7 30.5° D2
#8 34.5° D2
#9 38.5° D2
PW 43° D2

What is a 21 degree hybrid equivalent to?

Hybrid and Iron Loft Comparison

Hybrid Loft Equivalent Iron
19-21 3
22-23 4
24-27 5
29-32 6

What degree is the Callaway mavrik a wedge?

Approach Wedge – 46° Gap Wedge – 51° Sand Wedge – 56°

What are the standard lofts on golf clubs?

Golf Club Lofts Chart

Club Standard Lofts (Tour Level Irons)
Driver 9°-12.5°
3-Wood 15°
4-Wood 17°
5-Wood 18°-19°

What Golf club has a 25 degree loft?

The 4-iron, the longest iron used by many golfers, has a long shaft and a low loft of approximately 25 degrees. A typical man will hit a 4-iron 170 yards.

What degree loft is a 2 iron?

18 degrees
2 Iron Loft A standard 2 iron comes in at 18 degrees of loft, which is equal to the loft of a five wood. These clubs only tend to be in the very best ball strikers’ bags, with amateur golfers opting for 2 iron utilities, fairway woods or hybrids.

How far should a 21 degree hybrid go?

The average distance of a 21 degree hybrid is 194 yards (177 meters). An average a male 18-handicapper will be able to cover a distance of 194 yards with this club while a 90 MPHswinger will most often hit the ball to a distance of 185 yards. The extra distance the hybrid offers can be significant.

What iron does a 22 degree hybrid replace?

For men, a hybrid with an angle of 14 to 16 degrees can replace a 3-wood, and a 20- to 22-degree hybrid will replace the 7-wood or 4-iron. For women, the 24- to 26-degree hybrid will replace the 9-wood or 4-iron, and the 27- to 28-degree hybrid will replace the 5-iron.

How far does a 56 degree wedge go?

If you’re a beginner golfer, you can expect your 56° wedge to send the golf ball flying some 60 – 80 yards. Intermediate golfers can achieve a distance of 80 – 100/110 yards with their 56° wedge. Finally, professional golfers can cover the distance of 115 – 120 yards with their 56 wedge.

How many degrees is a Callaway a wedge?

The Callaway FT approach wedge is comfortable at impact and gets the ball up quickly. With 50 degrees of loft, it plays somewhat like a pitching wedge (although shorter) from a set with weaker or standard lofts. It is a nice pitching club from short distances and places nice spin in the ball.

What Golf Club has a 25 degree loft?

What club is 26 degree loft?

4 iron = 26 (180-210 yards) 5 iron = 28 degrees (160 to 190 yards) 6 iron = 31 degrees (140 to 180 yards) 7 iron = 34 degrees (130 to 170 yards)

What are the loft angles of Callaway Rogue Irons?

Club Loft Lie Length Offset 4 Iron 18.50° 60.50° 39.000″ 0.320″ 5 Iron 21.00° 61.25° 38.375″ 0.305″ 6 Iron 24.00° 62.00° 37.750″ 0.290″ 7 Iron 27.00° 62.50° 37.125″ 0.270″

When do you get your Callaway Golf Club back?

The amount we will pay under the Buy-Back Guarantee is based on the length of time you have played the club: 90% back up to 30 days, 80% from 31-60 days, and 70% from 61-90 days. Verification that your Certified Pre-Owned purchase is 100% Callaway Golf.

What are the degree loft of golf clubs?

What Are The Degree Loft Of Golf Clubs? 1 Driver Degree Loft. A traditional driver loft is 10-10.5 degrees. A driver loft is traditionally somewhere around the 10 degree mark although there 2 Fairway Wood Loft. 3 Hybrid Loft. 4 2 Iron Loft. 5 3 Iron Loft.

How to calculate Golf Club distance by skill level?

With all the different skill levels for golfers, it can be difficult to understand your yardages, club head and ball speeds. Using the charts below, hopefully you’ll be able to deduce some information that helps your game in some way.