What are the lurkers in Jak and Daxter?

Daxter—Jak II By the time of Jak II, lurkers were regular slaves, enforced by the Krimzon Animal Control. Lurkers were known to have behavioral problems and typical animalistic hygiene problems.

How do you destroy balloon lurkers?

On Misty Island, use the A-Grav Zoomer to destroy the Balloon Lurkers. Hit them side-on to avoid taking damage from the explosives they carry. They will be extremely easy to hit once noticed, but it may take a long time to see all of the Lurkers.

How do I disable precursor blockers?

To deactivate a Precursor blocker, you will need to properly time a double jump or high jump to get over the shield surrounding it and land on the top of the button.

How do you destroy the dark eco crystals in spider cave?

in Spider Cave, there is a total of five dark eco crystals located throughout the level. Some of these are well hidden and some others more obvious. The goal is to destroy them, which is accomplished by simply touching them, at which point they will detonate after a timed interval.

What happened to Gol and Maia?

Gol and Maia were presumed dead as the robot’s remains sunk into the silo. This remained somewhat ambiguous, as Samos stated that “the dark eco probably destroyed them.”

How do you deactivate the precursor blockers on snowy mountain?

To turn them off you have to jump onto them from the top and over the energy shield and land directly on the pillar. The pillar will go down a bit and there you are, the Precursor Blocker is deactivated. Jump off from it only when it stopped buzzing.

How do you unlock snowy mountain?

Walkthrough: Snowy Mountain. Once Keira has fixed it, you can use the Gondola in Volcanic Crater to take yourself up to the top of Snowy Mountain. The Gondola is located on the path to the right of the miners cave as you’re coming from the Red Sage’s hut in the center of the area.

How do you get the lava tube in Jak and Daxter?

To get to the Lava Tube just take the cave exit that’s at the end of the first circle of mine carts in Volcanic Mountain. There’s no real trick to this one. You just need to make it to the end of the Lava Tube to get this Power Cell.

How do you get the hidden power cell in volcanic crater?

The hidden Power Cell is locked in a steel crate that’s on a high ledge that’s in front of the entrance to Spider Cave. Since you need a fireball to break open this crate, what you need to do is head down into Spider Cave, make a left in the direction of the two spider webs that are in the Dark Eco.

What is dark eco?

Dark eco is one of the six types of eco in the Jak and Daxter series. It is a dark, poisonous substance with the ability to transform, infect and sometimes kill any life form or object it comes in contact with. It is considered severely unstable, and the opposite of light eco.

Where is the Lurker infested cave?

To get to the Lurker Infested Cave, you can head down to the Lurker Fort and take the path to the left (from facing the Fort from the outside). Head down the path and cross the two icy bridges at the end of the path to the left.

Who are the Lurkers in Jak and Daxter?

They were the primary antagonizing faction in The Precursor Legacy, led by Gol Acheron and his sister Maia, and became slaves in the Haven City -era during Jak II, before they were liberated after the death and superseding of the tyrant Baron Praxis towards the end of the second game.

Who are the Lurkers in the Lost Frontier?

The Lurkers are a race of varying creatures seen in The Precursor Legacy, Daxter, Jak II, and The Lost Frontier.

Who are the Lurkers in the Precursor Legacy?

During The Precursor Legacy, the Lurkers acted as the primary antagonizing faction under the control of Gol Acheron and his sister, Maia. Throughout the course of the game they terrorized humans in villages all in a quest to find all Precursor artifacts and eco, as well as serve Gol and Maia in their mission to flood the world with dark eco.

Where is Spider tunnel Jak and Daxter?

The Spider Tunnel is located in the same room as the Giant Robot. Just away from the Giant Robot and back to where you entered that room but on the ground level. You will come across another set of three spider web bounce pads that will lead you to a room filled with spider eggs.