What are the Most Popular haircuts for men?

There are popular trends that are updates on classic styles, and then there are barbers coming up with stylish modern cuts. These haircut styles range from the fade, taper and undercut on the sides to the quiff, comb over, faux hawk, slicked back, textured crop, crew cut and mohawk on top.

What are the most popular hairstyles for men in spring?

5 Popular Men’s Hairstyles For Spring/Summer 2015. 1 1. The Buzz Cut. Classic and unquestionably masculine, the buzz cut has been trending for a while now and remains the style most requested by my 2 2. The Fringe. 3 3. The Slick Back. 4 4. Wavy/Curly Hair: The Relaxed Quiff. 5 5. Afro Hair: Disconnected Sides.

What’s the best way to cut hair in the summer?

If you want to achieve an lived-in look that epitomises long summer days spent at the beach, apply some sea salt spray to damp hair and then either blow-dry into shape, or leave to dry naturally for a more dishevelled, unkempt appearance. This cut is all about texture, so opt for styling products that offer a matte finish and plenty of definition.

What’s the best way to cut men’s hair?

The shorter hair on top is then combined with a fade on the sides, and styled with a matte pomade or wax. To get the French crop haircut, the faded sides are naturally trimmed with a hair clipper while the cropped top is cut with scissors.

Continuing from last year’s exploration of bolder cuts and styles, this year is offering up some of the best men’s looks we’ve seen in a while. From short fades and undercuts to mid-length comb-overs and quiffs and even long man buns and braids, this year has a stylish option to suit every hair length and type.

Which is the best fade haircut for men?

One of the best things about fade haircuts is that they can easily be tailored to suit your tastes. For example, if you want a look that’s understated yet still utterly stylish, the low fade haircut makes an excellent choice. For a standard fade look, opt for a mid fade cut.

What’s the best hairstyle to wear in the office?

When it comes to top men’s hairstyles, texture plays a vital role. As such, smooth and flat styles are being replaced by messy waves and disheveled crops. To make these cuts versatile enough to wear anywhere, including the office, just keep the sides short and neat.