What are the regulations around distance selling?

The Distance Selling Regulations (DSRs) are the rules that apply if you are buying products or services from suppliers without face-to-face contact, and where the consumer has not had an opportunity to examine the goods before buying or discuss the service in person.

Are cars covered by distance selling regulations?

Yes, distance sales are covered under provision 2.12 in the Vehicle Sales Code.

What is classed as distance selling?

You must provide certain information if you’re selling goods or services through digital TV, by mail order or by phone or text message. This is called distance selling.

Do distance selling regulations apply to private sellers?

DSRs don’t apply to auction-style format listings on eBay, only Buy it now listings and Second Chance Offers. DSRs also do not apply to private sellers.

How long do you have to cancel a distance contract?

usually, give customers a right to cancel their order. normally, fulfil your contractual obligations within 30 days unless otherwise agreed. usually, give customers a full refund up to 14 days after receiving their goods, if they change their mind.

Does distance selling apply to click and collect?

The answer is generally no – a ‘click-and-collect’ style purchase is not usually a distance sale. This is because, whilst you might have placed the order online and paid a deposit, you will still sign the contract and any finance agreements, or pay the balance on site, the same as with a ‘bricks and mortar’ purchase.

How long do I have to cancel a distance sale?

Can I pull out of a car sale?

As we explained in the article a customer can withdraw from such an agreement for the purchase of the vehicle at any point in time until the finance agreement is properly “executed”. Until this happens, the customer can withdraw from the deal.

Does Distance Selling Regulations apply to insurance?

The Financial Services (Distance Marketing) Regulations 2004 apply to those consumer financial services, including banking, credit and insurance, that are marketed and sold at a distance (such as online, telephone and mail order) without face-to-face contact between you and the supplier or intermediary.

How long does a customer have to cancel a distance contract without reason?

What does the 14 day cooling-off period apply to?

The statutory minimum for a cooling-off period that a seller must offer you is 14 days. Your consumer right to a cooling-off period for goods and services purchased at a distance comes from the Consumer Contracts Regulations. Cooling-off periods don’t apply to purchases or services bought from a private individual.