What are the relics in soda dungeon?

Relics provide additional points to a specific stat for each of your party members. Spending Essence or Mystic Caps increases their effectiveness. Is also possible to increase a relic level by +10 or +100 spending a mystic cap, even if is almost always more expensive than leveling with essence.

How do you unlock class relics in soda Dungeon 2?

There are 15 Class Relics—1 for each Character—and they are unlocked when the Character reaches Mastery XP level 50 upon completing a dungeon run. Like Main Relics, Class Relics will appear in their menu in order of when they were obtained.

What is the best pet in soda dungeon?

Best Pet in Soda Dungeon 2

  • Finn (Whale) +1% HP per level.
  • Fairy (Aurora) +1% Essence Find per level.
  • Sly (Chameleon) +1% chance to Evade per level.
  • Cliff (Rock) +1% Damage Reduction.
  • Spike (Hedgehog) +1& Damage Reflection per level.
  • Cassiel (Angel) +1% Boost to Magic Attacks per level.
  • Culex.
  • Neko (cat)

How do you get caps in Soda dungeon 1?

When you first reach 1.5b gold, end your run and you get your 1st cap and unlock the option whether to auto convert gold to cap at the wizard. When you reach 50 caps, the shop where you can purchase new relics will be unlocked.

What do pets do in soda dungeon?

Pets give your party extra stat bonuses. You can buy them for Gold or 100 Caps. While you fight with them they gain levels and increase their effect, but you can only equip one pet in each dungeon run. Max level of each pet is level 8.

How many dimensions are in soda Dungeon 2?

11 Dimensions
There are 11 Dimensions in total, Dimension 1-10 and the Warrior Dimension. After you beat the main boss in the dimension you can move on to the next one by clicking on the wizard’s house. You will get new relics and thus more power but will lose all your items, gold and progress in the dungeon.

How does item find work in soda Dungeon 2?

The game will randomly select an item from the current item pool and roll for it based on that item’s spawn rate. For example, Sulfur has a spawn rate of 250, which means there is a 1/250 chance that its roll will be successful. When a roll is successful, you get the item.

How do you get pets in soda dungeon?

Pets can be bought from the Stables, which are purchased in the VIP Upgrades. The Stables are a small building, just outside the Tavern. In the Stables, you can buy and manage your pets. Each pet increases a different stat.

What is drink zero in soda dungeon?

Sodas are the hiring tools in the game that can be bought by the tavern owner. With each purchase of a soda comes the option of recruiting new classes to traverse the dungeon floors….Sodas.

Soda Drink Zero
Cost 100K Gold
Benefit +90 Reputation
Unlock Dark Mage
Description ???

What does the wizard do in soda dungeon?

The Wizard excels at weakening and destroying groups of enemies. His knowledge of the arcane arts allows him to boost the strength of warp portals.

What does damage reflection do in soda Dungeon 2?

Damage Reflection Hits the attacker with a certain percentage of the damage received. Useful primarily to kill Janitors if your build does not include the Secret Character.

What is WD in soda dungeon?

In addition to abbreviations, there are also a few additional terms: WD – Short for Warrior’s Deimension. FPH – Short for Floors per Hour, it is basically the speed of your team in climbing the dungeon.

What happens when you find a relic in soda Dungeon 2?

+1% Gold Find per relic level for the party. +0.1% Crit Chance per relic level for each party member. +0.5% Crit Damage per relic level for each party member. +0.2% Essence Find per relic level for the party. While this relic is capped, the Relic of Gold Find is uncapped, and gold can be used to purchase essence from the Magic Fountain .

How much essence does it cost to level up a relic?

When unlocked, you can spend Essence or Caps to level up a Relic to increase the stat boost, where the essence cost of each level up is determined by the equation (Relic Level) 1.3 rounded down. For example, leveling up a level 100 relic to 101 would cost 100 1.3 = 398 essence.

Why was my item removed from soda dungeon?

If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact Steam Support . This item is incompatible with Soda Dungeon. Please see the instructions page for reasons why this item might not work within Soda Dungeon.

What can you do with relic of gold?

While this relic is capped, the Relic of Gold Find is uncapped, and gold can be used to purchase essence from the Magic Fountain . +1 HP Regen per relic level for each party member.