What are the side effects of coming off the Depo injection?

The reported withdrawal symptoms included: feeling of having a viral infection with fatigue, eye pain, visual disturbance, itching, restlessness, agitation, shaking, nausea and shortness of breath. The reporter refers to internet forums where other women report the same symptoms on stopping Depo-Provera.

Can Depo cause shortness of breath?

Get medical help right away if you have: shortness of breath/rapid breathing, chest/jaw/left arm pain, unusual sweating, confusion, sudden dizziness/fainting, pain/swelling/warmth in the groin/calf, sudden/severe headaches, slurred speech, weakness on one side of the body, sudden vision changes.

Can Depo shot cause chest pain?

Be sure to discuss all your past and present medical conditions with your provider before starting medroxyprogesterone (Depo-Provera). Call 911 or get medical attention right away if you have pain in your legs or arms, chest pain, sudden severe headaches, trouble breathing, or sudden changes in your speech or vision.

What happens when you stop taking Provera?

When you stop taking the drug, it is likely that you will have some vaginal bleeding that resembles a period. Medroxyprogesterone can cause mood swings in some people. You may feel anxious or restless, have mood swings, or have trouble sleeping.

How long does Depo take to get out of your system?

Depo-Provera however works by continuously sending hormones into your body. One injection usually works for at least three months and sometimes longer. That’s why after the last shot of Depo-Provera it can take up to nine to 12 months for all the hormones to get out of the body.

What are the long term side effects of Depo-Provera?

Long-term use of Depo-Provera may cause you to lose bone mineral density, which makes you more likely to get osteoporosis….When you’re on Depo-Provera, you may notice side effects like:

  • Uneven menstrual periods or no periods at all.
  • Headaches.
  • Nervousness.
  • Depression.
  • Dizziness.
  • Acne.
  • Changes in appetite.
  • Weight gain.

How long does withdrawal bleeding last after Provera?


Amenorrhea 5-10 mg/day Withdrawal bleeding 3-7 days after discontinuing
Abnormal uterine bleeding 5-10 mg/day Withdrawal bleeding 3-7 days after discontinuing
Endometrial hyperplasia 5-10 mg/day Re-evaluate need for continued therapy every 3-6 months
Endometriosis 10 mg/day N/A

Does Depo Provera make you emotional?

PIP: The product labeling for Depo-Provera cites depression as an infrequent side effect. Previous research on this topic has documented self-reported depression or mood changes in 1-5% of Depo-Provera users. These studies were limited, however, by a lack of measurement of baseline depression.

How can I get Depo-Provera out of my system?

You can stop using Depo-Provera at any time by simply not getting the next shot. Because Depo-Provera may cause bone density loss, you should not use it for more than two years.

Can coming off depo cause headaches?

“It’s not common practice.” Some women who had injections for only two years reported serious withdrawal symptoms to ABCNews.com. Nancy Jones of Midland, Texas, said stopping Depo-Provera was “like weaning yourself from a drug.” “I had headaches, backaches and my period was like a monster,” she said.