What are the top news stories in Thailand?

At 10 o’clock this morning a rally of owners, staff, musicians and entertainment sector workers gathered at the House of Representatives to submit a petition for… Be sure to check out our homepage, Top 10s, Hot News, Lifestyle News, and Video & Podcasts as well.

When is the time and date holiday in Thailand?

If you have one, please consider turning it off on timeanddate.com so that the website can function normally. Holiday Note: Feb 26, Makha Bucha. Businesses may be closed. See more Scattered clouds. Tue 23.

Is the covid-19 situation in Thailand worsening?

THAILAND: The worsening COVID-19 situation in Thailand has led the Tourism and Sports Ministry to reconsider the country’s reopening strategy, admitting some target destinations are still marred by soaring infections.

Where can I find Thailand news on YouTube?

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What’s the latest news about tourism in Thailand?

The registration for entering Thailand under the slated “Samui Plus” reopening scheme is planned to open this week. Similar to the Phuket “Sandbox,” the programme will… A survey by the Bank of Thailand shows that most hotels can only cover their operating costs for less than 3 months. 220 properties were surveyed…

When did Thailand reopen its borders to tourists?

When the airlines, in particular, were asking the government to put their hands in their pockets for some relief funding in August last year, it… Most Thai residents and tourism operators want Thailand to reopen its borders to international tourists, as long as a 14 day quarantine remains in place, according…

How many foreign tourists are arrested in Thailand?

Bangkok police announced yesterday they had arrested suspects who they believed were stealing motorcycles in Bangkok and selling them to neighbouring countries. The 4 suspects that… Just as Phuket is reopening to foreign tourists, Thailand’s current and most severe wave has hit a high of 52,052 active Covid-19 cases, according to the…