What bikes did Rockers ride?

Rockers used grease on their hair, coming from the Teddy Boy look of the 50s. The artists popular with rockers were Bo Diddley, Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran. The rockers favourite bikes were the Triumphs, BSA Gold Stars or Bonnevilles. The term ‘Rocker’ may have actually come from the biking.

How did rockers get their name?

The name “rocker” came not from music, but from the rockers found in 4-stroke engines, as opposed to the two stroke engines used by scooters and ridden by mods. During the 1950s, they were known as “Ton-Up boys” because doing a ton is English slang for driving at a speed of 100 mph (160 km/h) or over.

Why did Mods and rockers go to Brighton?

Music and clothes were our passion. “There was probably a hardcore of violent people, Mods and Rockers, who just used it as an opportunity for a fight. “But it was the Rockers who went to Brighton knowing there was going to be trouble. They went there looking for it – and they certainly found it.”

What’s the difference between an Ameritron Al80 and al80a?

The AL80A was a fully-new design. The AL80A, because of improved quality, drove Ameritron sales upwards from around 5-10 units monthly up to about 50 units a month. The original AL80 was built with a focus on size. The AL80A was built with a focus on performance and value, with no regard to size.

How long does it take to tune an al _ 80A AMP?

The AL_80A is an excellent amp. Once you have it somewhat configured with your transceiver and have made good notes for 3 or 4 frequencies per band, you can tune it in 5 to 10 seconds at most (still use a dummy load please). Mine has the additional safety mods added, some before I purchased and some after.

Why was the tank switch on the Al80 wrong?

A wrong tank switch design. The original AL80 amplifier used a make-before-break (or standard CRL shorting wafer). This decreased contact spacing, greatly reducing bandswitch voltage breakdown. The switch also had unnecessary sections and unnecessary contacts, driving the switch cost up while compromising reliability.

Is the al80a a 220V or 230V AMP?

The AL80A has mains taps to compensate for 220v or 230v operation, also has a nice step-start relay. if you can get one.. then keep it!!! A well deserved 5/5 for this amp.