What can eat a 9ft great white shark?

“Maybe even less at great depth in cold water.” That’s cooler than the temperature recorded on the tag. The only other animal that could take on a small great white—and that has a warmer ambient internal temperature—is the killer whale, Braun said.

What is the biggest shark in Australia?

The largest great white recognized by the International Game Fish Association (IGFA) is one caught by Alf Dean in south Australian waters in 1959, weighing 1,208 kg (2,663 lb).

What ate a 3 meter great white shark?

The data from the tag seem to suggest, at least to the narrator and some others on the internet, that a massive ocean monster ate the shark. The main line of evidence for this is that the tag recorded a temperature of 78˚F. At an undescribed location on the Australian Coast a female 3 meter shark was tagged.

How big is the great white shark in Australia?

Australian researchers are hunting for what they call a “mystery sea monster” that devoured a 9-foot-long great white shark.

Can a great white shark eat another great white?

These huge sharks, the scientists say, are big enough to have eaten another great white and are able to dive at the speed and depth observed by the tracking device. It’s not unprecedented for sharks to eat other sharks, and the researchers posit that a 2-ton “colossal cannibal great white shark” is a likely culprit in this case.

How big was the great white shark that was killed?

Massive Sea Creature Attacks, Kills And Eats A 3 Meter Long Great White Shark. Terry Goss, via Wikimedia Commons. According to Australian scientists, a tagged 3-meter-long (9 foot) great white shark was killed and eaten by an even bigger predator, most likely a “colossal cannibal great white shark” Gizmodo reports.

How big was the shark that was eaten by the Mystery Shark?

A huge 9-foot-long great white shark was eaten by an even bigger “mystery sea monster,” according to scientists. Researchers had tagged the healthy shark to track its movements as part of a study, but were shocked when the tracking device washed up on a beach in Australia four months later. Data…