What can I use as a crate divider?

There are two main materials you can use to make a crate divider: corrugated cardboard or plywood. If your puppy is a big chewer, you’ll want to go with plywood for your crate divider. It’ll be stronger and last longer if your puppy decides to gnaw around the edges.

Can you use a crate pad with a divider?

There will be a space of approximately 3.5 inches under the divider. A crate mat may be able to fit under, depending on it’s thickness. The Frisco Quilted Fleece Pet Bed & Crate Mat would be able to fit appropriately.

What is an iCrate?

iCrate sets up easily in seconds without the need for tools and folds down to a portable size with included plastic carrying handles to move the folded crate from one location to another comfortably. iCrate also comes with a free divider panel for use while your puppy is growing.

Where do you put the crate divider?

Just insert a divider panel into the home allowing only enough room for your puppy to lie down. Not wanting to eliminate where he sleeps, he’ll stand up and let you know when he has to “go,” so you can take him out. As your puppy grows, you can move the divider panel back to accommodate his larger size.

What can I use if I don’t have a crate divider?

The items needed to make a crate divider are so basic, you might have all of them on hand at home. They include sturdy materials such as plywood a tape measure, pencil, pen or marker, scissors, or a box cutter and four pieces of wire, each 5 to 6 inches long. Be careful of using items your dog might chew or choke on.

Why use a divider in a dog crate?

The divider is used to adjust the crate’s size to your puppy’s size. As your dog grows, the divider can be moved to allow more room for your dog to move. A dog does not like to soil his/her sleeping area. Therefore, by using the divider, you can adjust your dog’s sleeping/play area in the crate.

Is a crate divider necessary?

However, if we are being completely honest, the real main reason why you need a divider is to save you a ton of money. If you have a pup that is outgrowing a pet crate or you have two dogs that don’t get along, having one crate with a divider is better than having two crates.

What is the difference between MidWest iCrate and life stages?

Some iCrate Models (1518 – 1536) are narrower and lower than the Life Stages crates. The Wire Grid is closer together on the iCrate Models, while the Life Stages crate’s Bars are closer together.

How do you make a plastic dog crate smaller?

The easiest way to a make a dog crate “smaller” is to decrease the interior space available to the dog by inserting some sort of filler. If your goal is to make the cage less tall, you can insert some type of flooring, such as a non-porous material, and then covering it with a towel, blanket, or bedding.