What causes damping off disease?

Damping off affects many vegetables and flowers. It is caused by a fungus or mold that thrive in cool, wet conditions. It is most common in young seedlings. Often large sections or whole trays of seedlings are killed.

What fungicide is best for damping off?

Several applications of the fungicide may be necessary, If the specific fungus causing damping-off is not known, one broad spectrum fungicide (captan or ferbam), two specific fungicides (benomyl plus, etridiazole or metalaxyl) or a prepared combination of fungicides (etridiazole + thiophanate methyl) should be used.

How do you treat damping off?

Damping off can be reduced by planting fungicide-treated seed directly into the garden. Other preventative measures include using well-drained soil and avoiding overcrowding of plants. Also, clean out all pots thoroughly before reuse and discard contaminated soil.

What does damping-off mean?

: a diseased condition of seedlings or cuttings caused by fungi and marked by wilting or rotting.

How long does it take for vegetables to harden?

In general, the process of hardening off will take about one week, and sometimes up to two weeks if the weather has an unexpected and dramatic drop in temperatures. If your region has frost, you should time your seed starting in spring so the seedlings can start to go outside after the last frost date.

Can neem oil prevent damping-off?

If you suspect damping off is beginning to occur, you can try spraying with Neem Oil to help plants at the surface. But once damping off is established, there are no guarantees. The only other solution — and it’s not organic — is to treat your soil in advance with agricultural fungicides.

What do u mean by damping-off disease of tobacco .describe it briefly?

It is common to observe a group of seedlings in a given location (foci) of tobacco nursery starting to wilt, turn yellow, wither and die sooner or later. This is a classic syndrome called “damping-off” (figure 1).