What causes leg length differences?

There are many different reasons to have a leg length discrepancy, but there are two main causes: 1) your child was born with a condition that caused one leg to grow slower than the other or 2) something happened during your child’s lifetime that affected the length of the bone (i.e. a fracture) or affected the growth …

What happens if one leg is shorter than the other?

A leg length discrepancy may be functional or structural in nature. Minor discrepancies often cause no symptoms or problems. However, moderate-to-severe asymmetry may cause issues with walking and posture, and it can contribute to hip and back pain.

What is normal leg length discrepancy?

Small differences in limb length are common. In fact, as many as a third of the population may have a 1 cm or less (less than ½ inch) discrepancy between their right and left legs. These slight differences are generally not noticeable and don’t require treatment.

Can you fix leg length discrepancy?

If a child has stopped growing, orthopedists can sometimes correct a leg length discrepancy by shortening the longer leg. This is done by removing a piece of bone from the longer leg. Limb lengthening surgery also can be done.

How do you tell if your legs are different lengths?

How to Determine Differences in Leg Length. The only real way to assess a permanent, structural difference in leg length is through the use of an X-Ray or CT scan. This is because sometimes the appearance of uneven legs isn’t due to an actual difference in leg length.

What do you call a girl with one leg shorter than the other?

Short leg syndrome (SLS) is better known in the medical community as Leg Length Discrepancy. In the simplest terms, one who suffers from SLS will have one leg that is shorter than the other.

How can you tell if one leg is longer?

How do I know if my legs are different lengths?

How do you measure leg length difference?

True leg length discrepancy is measured – using a tape measure – from the anterior superior iliac spine to the tip of the medial malleolus. A difference in leg length of up to 1–2 cm is considered normal by some clinicians.

How can I tell if my legs are different lengths?

How do you correct leg length difference?

Leg length discrepancy between 2 and 5 cm can be equalized. This can be achieved by shoe lift and/or insoles. Alternatively, an intramedullary lengthening nail can be used for leg length equalization. In skeletally immature patients, it is possible to treat differences in leg length by growth arrest.

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